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Hadal CalmView game page

2D PVP Action Platformer
Submitted by Donpommelo (@donpommelo) — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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I didn't spend enough time to go fully in-depth with this demo but I do like what's in here so far. I understand this is only a gameplay demo so far, and in that sense, I liked the general gameplay loop, map design, and weapon/enemy variety (however confusing that might be due to placeholder sprites).

If anything, I would appreciate some tweaks to the movement to make it feel better - not necessarily more responsive, since the setting is underwater - maybe this is more of a visuals issue? What I'm saying is that while the movement itself doesn't feel bad to me right now, something more is needed in order to sell it and make it feel good to move around in this fashion. Later on however I would expect some more mobility skills or such (though I didn't get super far in so I might've missed them).

There was also a bug I found in one room, where three or so elevators would all control themselves & the others at once with each's respective switches. Not sure if intended, but if so, it was not communicated at all.

Keep it up!


thank you for giving the demo a try!

movement is something that I am looking at closely and I might add a visual to convey velocity and direction. I'm still tweaking physics and stuff, but would prefer to do so in the form of extra upgrades and such as that is easier to balance across multiple pve and pvp modes.

The elevators in that room were intended to all move together as a part of a puzzle of sorts. I will try and make that more intuitive.


I'm not normally one for this sort of game tbh. Some general feedback...

-The controls are extremely slippery to the point where it never felt like I was actually in control of my character.

-The aerial maneuvers seem inconsistent. I'm not sure what to say about that, but even when I have full boost, they seem to react a bit differently and it catches me off guard.

-I think the game's supposed to be underwater but atm it doesn't seem much like that.

-The weapons seem fun! Infinite ammo but you have to reload is also pretty great!

Good job on the game and keep it up! I could see this doing really well in the future!


Thank you for playing and giving feedback!

The movement in the game deliberately has pretty high inertia and low friction, but this is something i'm open to changing and adjusting if it makes the game feel better to play. As for the aerial movements, the right-click boost is very ... "physics-ey" so to speak, and so the player's prior velocity affects their trajectory afterwards. 

A lot of these decisions were made because muh pvp skillcap. I might add an upgrade that augments these things (inertia, friction) to make movement feel tighter.


I can see making it that way for PVP. I'm very much a PVE type of player. Even for PVP, I think this might be a little bit of an extreme, but we'll see how it goes!

There seems to be an issue with joining in singleplayer. You just see a gray screen. You can hear gunshots when firing, but that seems to be it.


There is a placeholder grey screen where a opening cutscene will go (when I finish making it). Just advance dialog to start the game.