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Build a deck of chess moves and beat up some goblins.
Submitted by j4nw (@_j4nw) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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This is sucha  cool idea. Only real feedback i have at this stage is to make the possible movement more clear, the small tile shift is still vague and blends in with the color scheme you have.


Tried it again and I got the mythril ladle 

I was confused by the horizontal/vertical cleave distinction, it wasn't obvious at a glance that they are different and I thought it was bugging out before I realized they're pointing in different directions. Maybe a different color would make it more obvious

Submitted (1 edit)

Pretty great game

easy to pick up and challenging

last level was impossible

Played this on stream (timestamp in comments)


-Looks slick, plays smooth
-I don't like the composition of things -- the UI isn't symmetrical and often leaning on one side, this destroys most of the slick aesthectic for me
-I think hovering on "not-available" moves should tell me why they aren't available and probably be different color
-I don't like the shop as-is, can't pin point why, mb it will grow on me eventually, but now it feels like the money is arbitrary and I'd guess a "move-once-but-get-anything" setup would be more engaging -- not having money somehow forbids my Queen path (???)
-It's not obvious to me what cards I will get next and as such am only planning moves with what I have -- not sure how the deck works
-I couldn't attack diagonally with a pawn, don't know why (turns out the enemy was yellow)

It's a solid game. Not my thing, but RNJunkies will love it. The heaviest thing I'd fix is the UI composition.


Cheers. The deck is standard deckbuilder fare but it’s clearly dumb to assume everyone knows what standard deckbuilder fare is. I’ll work on that.

The decklist shows the contents but not the order, you draw a random card from the remaining ones so you can calculate likely/guaranteed moves as it gets thinner. When you’d draw from an empty deck, the discard gets shuffled and reused.