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Deckbuilding Dungeon CrawlView game page

Submitted by SSTRANDBERG (@sfdstrandberg) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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-its a little bit confusing on what i can do at the moment

-needs a undo action button

-maybe place the enemies on a centered position instead of top right?


-Playing or not playing actions when they don't do anything doesn't matter, you could make it matter by keeping the actions or having them do something else if they can't do the default
-Terribly in need of an undo-action
-Strat to keep buying Bread and Backpacks + random others works too easily
-Swap the bedroll and bread texts
-The trashing mechanic is interestingly incorporated
-After all the backpacking, it gets hard to see the hand, plenty of space unused on the sides for it 
-potion says +5 hp, health says 12 (not 12/12), wasted potion trying to heal
-could not use bow with the glove effect
-beat the game the second try, with the first only buying gems

If you get the balance right, I'd spend time on this.


I slayed the beast! 

There's certainly a sense of progression, during my first few runs, I couldn't get past the skeletor spam period, after that my first reaction to the onis' damage output was "Are you kidding me", with the final boss getting me to admit defeat in my hearts of hearts the first time I saw its HP. But the learning curve works very well, I got farther with each try, slowly learning how I should balance my deck (though I'm not really experienced with deckbuilding games, so I dunno how people with more experience in the genre would fare). I had fun, it got very hype at the end when you just play 20 cards a turn. Thank you for finally letting me experience that feeling of being a pro Yugioh player.