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A jam submission


a bunch of cats shoot things in 2.5d
Submitted by panjak (@herr_jak) — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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The game was good, and I really enjoyed it. It felt like an authentic arcade experience down to the possibility of a second player with a flashing push start button.

I did have some trouble seeing what's going on because of how hectic the screen can get. Some way to easily identify the player would be really nice.

Shooting felt satisfying. However I was not a fan of the sewer area. It lasted way way waaaaaay too long and to top it off your reward is a "good job" and get sent back to the title. At least say "end of demo", lol.

Overall I enjoyed this and I look forward to seeing your progress posts.

  • Authentic wii feel.
  • The hand drawn logo and tutorial feel like they're from a completely different game.
  • The MC's color scheme is way too close to the BG. I actually lost the MC on the screen a few times.
  • Color scheme in general is very washed out. Try playing around in Photoshop with screenshots, make it brighter and maybe more contrast?
  • The gameplay doesn't really grab my attention, so I'll leave that to others to critique

Awesome as always. It's light on content, but these things take time.

Thanks for listening to the suggestion about infinitely spawning mooks in the first bit, the balance seems better over all.

Really fun, and polished, to the point it has a huge professional feel to it.
Reminds me a lot of Contra and that says a lot of good stuff about it.
Sewer level/boss battle, felt a little long/repetitive at some point, a small wave/enemy counter would work well for that.
Amazing work on this.


Oh man this game is incredible. My only suggestion would be to include a low settings mode for the backgrounds so people with toasters like me can enjoy the game without slowdown.


Cute, juicy, fun, and manic in a good way and a bad way.

It feels a little unfair when the green guys hit you when you're both on the ground, right when their hitbox becomes active. Maybe they could have more startup, or a more obvious startup? Maybe I'm not supposed to let them get that close? And it's often hard to see enemy projectiles/attacks amongst all the chaos. I think a more unified, "enemy attack" color could go a long way for making getting hit feel more fair.

That being said, this feels like a game that just needs content, the polish is all there.