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A jam entry

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The blue rectangle's new quest to defeat a rectangle of a different shade of color
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) with 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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  • The chest causing an error was something I completely forgot about when I was refactoring the code for item obtaining. It has now been fixed. Thanks for that.
  • I promise I will have at least double the sound effects for next demo day
  • This one is rather silly on my part, but the reason it is like that is because I was having a hard time imagining how a backwards slide would work. I suppose I could add that in for consistency.
  • I was being really stubborn on wall-jumping being how it is now, but you're probably right on this one. I keep modifying it all the time to make it easier anyway.

Always a joy to see progress on this game. Haven't played it yet so this is my first time.

  • If you go to the object that says "closed", you get an error. Might be implied but still worth mentioning.
  • Game has no sound! Use bfxr and put some placeholder sounds in! Takes a couple minutes and makes the game feel a lot more alive!
  • Using either dash button while crouching will slide in the direction you're facing while using them while standing dashes in the direction of the corresponding button.
  • The metroid style wall jumping seems kind of unintuitive for fast movement. Megaman X style might be better suited?
  • Boss tells feel a little on the short side for how varied they are. If the bosses only had a couple moves, it would be fine but it's difficult to know which way to dodge when you only get half a second's warning.
Very promising! Looking forward to seeing progress as always!


I suppose I can make the first boss have a longer tell depending on the phase, since it uses more attacks at once and getting hit by like all of them really whittles you down.

The thing with the second boss's jump attack is that it only does the spikes if it has learned how to use your Ice-Upward ability. It also adds an ice block to it if you made it learn that as well.

The third boss isn't really meant to be beaten yet, I just left it in as a silly preview I guess (I haven't beaten it in its current state yet either). Still have a bunch of work to do on it, and it has no difficulty differences right now save for the waiting period between attacks like all enemies do based on difficulty.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll have to figure out mouse support when I do some work on the menus.


Played with a keyboard on normal. Obviously the game was meant to be played with a gamepad but the keyboard controls are fine for the current build. Only issue I had with them is that having there be two dash buttons feels awkward, especially since the air dash doesn't care which dash button you're using, and that not being able to browse the menus with a mouse is a huge pain in the ass.

First boss starts out fine but by the third phase it becomes a huge pain in the ass to read his attacks in time to react to them.

Second boss is harder than the first one but actually feels much fairer because it doesn't have this issue. I also like how he "learns" to use your moves after you use them against him. And, I'm not sure if this is a bug or something intentional, but when cyan does the attack where he jumps way up, sometimes he doesn't make spikes appear from the floor.

Third boss I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to avoid some of his attacks.

Not too much to say. Great and fun as always. Big improvements on the boss, it doesn't feel unfair anymore. Can't wait to have more elaborate levels with enemies and more bosses on this!
Control rebinding worked fine for me.


Like last time I love the concept, and from what I played it looks like you did a better job with bosses giving you more time to react. My only complaint is that for some reason you can't accecpt changing your controls in the option menu, meaning that you're forced to use default.