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Game could use a lot of work, particularly in the level design. Both levels feel very samey. As in, if you recorded a playthough of your game and cut it into 10-seconds-long scenes, you'd find the player doing almost exactly the same things in each scene. You run around a bit, kill enemies, and jump on some platforms. The difficulty curve is flat as a pancake; it's boring.

And there are way too many enemies in each level. You can't even go five seconds without bumping into three or more of them. Don't just put enemies in your levels willy-nilly.

Two other minor issues: Health items drop too rarely. After seeing one drop, I completely forgot that they were in the game until I saw a second one three minutes later. And lastly, the up-air attack makes your jump peak too early.

Played with a keyboard on normal. Obviously the game was meant to be played with a gamepad but the keyboard controls are fine for the current build. Only issue I had with them is that having there be two dash buttons feels awkward, especially since the air dash doesn't care which dash button you're using, and that not being able to browse the menus with a mouse is a huge pain in the ass.

First boss starts out fine but by the third phase it becomes a huge pain in the ass to read his attacks in time to react to them.

Second boss is harder than the first one but actually feels much fairer because it doesn't have this issue. I also like how he "learns" to use your moves after you use them against him. And, I'm not sure if this is a bug or something intentional, but when cyan does the attack where he jumps way up, sometimes he doesn't make spikes appear from the floor.

Third boss I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to avoid some of his attacks.

Alright game, just a few issues I ran into.

  • The player character doesn't blink when taking damage from chargers, which makes it seem like you're not taking damage.
  • When the chargers are backing up they can pass through the player, which makes you unable to move for about 10 seconds
  • When you're touching an enemy and you try to move diagonally towards it (e.g. there's an enemy to your left and you try to go up-left you can't move at all.