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A jam submission

Clarent Demo 3.99View game page

Action Adventure Metroidvania
Submitted by Arikado — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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First time trying this game. Awesome work. Hookshot is a nice touch, and it's something I'd like to implement in my own project.

Only complaint is that this is way too spammable:

The game is still great, but I'm not too big on some of the changes. The object intractability is down (Lanterns, barrels), the game seems overall way too easy, and the removal of the Castlevania style sub weapons cuts down on potential different playstyles when there's more weapons.

Instead of a whole button dedicated to special moves,try doing it by charging the regular attack button or proc buffs like the flame sword by backdash canceling an attack or dash and attack at the same time.


To be honest this is the main game that I look out for when I visit the thread. I love Metroidvanias and Clarent really genuinely excites me.

I recorded my playthrough as I find watching somebody play your game can help visualize how other people see the game. My extended thoughts are in the description.

I am genuinely looking forward to watching this game grow.


Love the aesthetic and art.

The controls feel a bit stiff in a few places though.

It seems like you can't crouch if you have even a bit of momentum, which makes doing slide attacks harder than it should be. From other metroidvanias I'm used to being able to jump out of the backdash, so that would be nice. Maybe even crouch, although that would be a very strong option. Otherwise, it seems hard to do minor spacing-adjustments, the backdash throws you super far back.

I also don't see the point of the third slash in the basic combo. It seems better in every situation to do a low attack instead, because of the significantly lower recovery time and only slightly lower damage. Maybe the third attack is a noob-trap or punishment for messing up the combo?

Absolutely looking forward to seeing more progress.

Lots of interesting new stuff.
- Red Knight was a really fun fight.
- The new weapon system was good too. Took me a while to figure out how to use Dyrnwyn though.
- Was the Berserk mode removed in this demo?
- One of the spiders seems to get stuck at the room entrance for a while. Not sure if it was supposed to do that or not.
- I miss being able to break the lamps or going inside the houses on the village. You know, people love breaking stuff in games. It could be another interesting addition to the secrets rooms, finding them by breaking walls or items that block the entrance.
- The green coat is another small but great detail. I can see cosmetic things like that (or the AggyDagger in older demos) becoming collectables in the future.
Again, not too much to say, I just love this game a lot. Great job, as always.