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A tricky little adventure where your light switch controls time.
Submitted by metalsnail — 12 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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I've made rms proud and released my projects' source code under a free license

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Really interesting idea! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from this jam, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks! Sorry it was confusing.


Graphics look really nice, unfortunately I don't have a webcam 

Yeah, making a game that requires people to use their webcam with no alternative solution to that is bad design.


I'm going to include mobile controls and light sensor support eventually, so it can be played more widely

It's more about trying to follow along with the spirit of the cart. My challenge was to make a game that reacted to the ambient light, can't do that without SOME kind of user media input.

I don't think you understand my point. Not many people will allow a game the use of their webcam, especially from a gamejam game that someone put together. People are very suspicious of people watching them; you would be lucky to find people who don't have their webcams disabled. All I'm saying is please don't limit your game by making it only playable with a webcam. 

Another solution would be to include an in-game timer with night/day mechanics if the webcam is disabled. Also, your idea isn't practical due to the fact that it would require someone to stand up, walk over to the light switch, and turn on/off the lights each time they need to change the time of day would be surprised how lazy some gamers are. So, it would be nice to include an alternative to completing your game. I only say this because your game looks like it has potential, and it looks like a great idea...I wouldn't wanna see it go to waste because someone doesn't have a webcam.


I try to make a point of not getting into arguments online because disagreement so easily comes across as anger. So I'm prefacing this by saying: I truely appreciate your input thank you by taking as much time as you have trying to improve my little game.

However, this game is built on the premise of modifying the space you're in to progress through the game. I would rather offer the pure experience to those who are willing to play with me in this space, then dilute it to try and appease people who are already less interested.

Most games require some inconvenience to the player, you can't play Mario Kart without first making a friend who owns a Wii. You can't play Chess without first taking the time to learn the rules. I don't think I'm off base by asking people to turn on their webcam to play my silly little game.

I'm not one to really get angry or heated via text; so, you're good! I was just trying to help your design by simply including a larger amount of people. However, you came back with very interesting points about other games that are incredibly popular that have some inconveniences. That was a very good point! Even if we did end up getting in some kind of heated battle over whether or not your game should include an option to progress without a webcam, I was going to play it anyways...because it has a unique game mechanic that I have never seen. :)

I appreciate you taking the time to respond and defend your game mechanic! As indie game developers, we have to stick together and help bring others out of their comfort zone to experience our games, haha! I look forward to the final game, and so far, I am not disappointed. Good luck in the jam, and I hope you get a lot of feedback and players.


I don't know how I missed this comment. Sorry.

I have had a good bit of reaction. People like the gimmick, but the other puzzles tend to confuse them and that's on me, I should have dialed the intuitiveness way up on this one if I also wanted to require players to run across the room periodically.