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1st Week Down! - Post Your Progress Here! Sticky

A topic by Papa Brickolini created Jul 15, 2016 Views: 235 Replies: 3
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Looks like we're already 1 week into the jam!

I hope you're all doing good in your projects, and are having fun.

If you're feeling good about how your project is coming along. You can post your progress here!

You don't have to show off your work if you don't want to, by all means, keep it a surprise until the end.

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Hello here!

I make game about surviving and the journey (if enough time ) on big floating turtle. I do not have time, but I hope =P.

Sorry, my english is poor, so a large blog will not.

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I started yesterday but progress is looking good, core gameplay is done but some content, game goal and sounds and music missing and maybe I will do save game:

BTW, I am one man team...


I considered that idea too till I got my own but I wouldnt do it as good as you :) you'r core systems look good, I hope it isn't whole game because it can be better, alot :P