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...played and got to scene where it says Hacker Files, Pre-order now, is it end of the game? :P

How many people were developing this game? If one, do you prefer/focus on programming, design or art? :)

Beatiful, 10/10

Thanks but to be honest the dude is only thing not made by me in game :P it's from unity asset store, i really cant draw pixel art people... I also wrote this in source code and whited his texture out so no one can get him instead of buying from my game :)

BTW, in 5 days - Unity+Good computer+Passion :)

Drury - I havent beated it too and ended playing it there... :/

Man, when I start the game it's shifted about one fifth of screen to right and to bottom and I miss play buttons and many important thing, can't play the game, in what have you done it? :)

The game havent worked for me so I will redownload and try, if it won't work you wont get good score from me...

Havent laughed this good last 3 days, great :P

I considered that idea too till I got my own but I wouldnt do it as good as you :) you'r core systems look good, I hope it isn't whole game because it can be better, alot :P

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I started yesterday but progress is looking good, core gameplay is done but some content, game goal and sounds and music missing and maybe I will do save game:

BTW, I am one man team...