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Shallow Stone SolarView game page

Mine crystals and squish bugs
Submitted by Identical Games — 2 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week?


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I liked that the game gave me a clear goal with each run. At first I thought the stones I were upposed to collect were water, but I figured it out soon enough. Cave generation worked well and it was fun to explore them. Combat and shooting felt satisfying, aiming was a bit hard without a controller (which the game clearly was made for). Only criticism was having to quit the game to start a new run. Impressive for a 7 day dev period and easily expandable with the current foundation.


Yeah I need to fix the crystals to not look like water. Thanks for the feedback.

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Neat game. I really like both the lighting and cave generation systems. It's fun throwing glow sticks to light everything up, and finding a new cave with a bunch of crystals is always exciting. 

Gameplay wise it's simple but works well enough. One thing I felt it was missing is some way to heal. Maybe there could be a mining material that heals you? Also, having to quit and re-launch the game (unless I'm missing something) to restart is annoying.

Good job overall, though.


Yeah healing is one of the things that I need to add. I do need a re-launch. Although the original version didn't even have quit. You just had to close the window.

Saw your game on tigerj's stream definitely going to need to try that.


Nice entry! I won after a few attempts (mainly struggling with the controls, I must admit) :D

The concept is nice, and could easily get more content, new objectives, and new opponents. It would have been nice to collect some items like health potions or something.

The sound effects could need a bit more diversity, the digging sound became annoying after a short time. Otherwise, it looks good and visually consistent. Good job!


The plan was to add more mineral types, weapons and opponents. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get different mission types which I want but figured it wasn't possible in the time available. I decided to settle on the minimum viable game than add a bunch of features without enough testing. The game is a roguelike version of Deep Rock Galactic.

 The keyboard controls are awful. I added them simply because the first person to try it didn't have a controller.

Yeah the digging sound is annoying.