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Find your dad, collect gold and eat candies
Submitted by tomtl (@tomloughlin) — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline

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  • I played three games. The first two, I died on level 1. The third, I won with almost 5,000 gold (100% of the gold from every level).

    The aesthetics are promising. It looks great until the water level. It would be nice if the message log scaled to the user's resolution. If you're rendering to the DOM, maybe use percentage font sizes instead of points.

    In terms of fun and gameplay, it felt very shallow. I would rather have had half as many levels with more variety in enemy movement, enemy attacks, environmental characteristics. At some point I started to be able to predict the enemy movement based on which direction they prioritize, which was a little bit fun, but not enough. The levels are so large that wandering around felt like a chore.

    Once I understood the rules, the game was very easy. I never took any damage during my entire winning game until I spawned right next to a snek. I never felt like I had to deal with crowd control with enemies because there were so few per level, spaced very far apart, even near the end of the game.

    It's clear you put a lot of love into the title and intro, and you did a really good job with the theme and feel. Next time, I suggest making one or two really interesting levels rather than seven basic levels. And if there's no reason to have big maps, then have small maps. This game might have worked better if the maps were more like 20x20 instead of 100x100. More claustrophobic and high-stakes for each move. The current level size leaves the player too much room to escape.

    Completeness: feels polished until you get to level 3-4, where the emptiness makes it feel unfinished. 3/5

    Aesthetics: Is pretty, controls make sense. 4/5

    Fun: Not fun after first couple of levels. 2/5

    Innovation: Move, shoot, collect coins. 2/5

    Scope: Enemy  variety is almost all cosmetic. Levels all feel the same. 2/5

    Roguelikeness: Not enough mechanics to attain "roguelike" status. 3/5

  • I -adore- the style used in this game - the characters look like "what would Finn the Human look like if they had Jake's transformation powers" and "was in a roguelike"  mashed in a good way. Enemies are distinct, everything is clear as to what it is, and the drawing of the bow interface is simple and clear.

    Unlimited arrows help, especially when I forget to read enemy movement patterns and fire off a square away from a slime's death. On time of writing, I've only got as far as the underground forest, but I'm absolutely adoring it.

    (Also, dad needs to sort himself out if he has to be saved -every year-)

  • I really enjoyed it, great work, nice music, the aesthetics are adorable.

    Point to improve: maybe implementing a store, I'm not sure what do you spend the money on.

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Cute game! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

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Thought it was pretty cool to have a mechanic that isn't based on grid-like movement but is instead its own thing~ .u.


Brilliant. I really enjoyed playing this :)