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Fabulous 3d roguelike action
Submitted by AdamStrange — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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  • There is a firmly established tradition in 7DRL of every year having a game with beautiful 3D graphics which took the full 7 days and left absolutely no time for anything even remotely approaching gameplay.  This is 2018's.

    Does not seem to have been fully finished and should not have been marked a success.  Seems to be impossible to win the game - having found the key and opened the trapdoor at the end of the level there seemed to be no way of going down it.  First-person mode is very buggy and often either will not let you turn right or will spin you 180 degrees if you try to turn left.  All gold in a room seems to vanish as soon as one piece is picked up.  Numerous small graphical glitches such as flickering trapdoors.

    Gorgeous 3D graphics with a beautiful pseudo-tabletop aesthetic, realtime lighting and weather effects... which ends up being a massive detriment to the game as a whole.  There is no clear visual indication where adjacent rooms exist, meaning you have to trek to the edge of the room to see if you can move off it.  Controls are awkward and make moving around very tedious, requiring you to click on the tile you want to move to and wait for the animation to complete... every... single... turn... kill... me... now...

    The game is fairly bare bones and there's not much depth to it.  Move and attack are your only real options.  Enemies do not have much to distinguish them and have very basic behaviour (and do not seem to exist at all in the 7DRL version).

    Nothing I haven't seen before.

    Barely a game at this point.

    The foundations of one, but not enough depth to fully qualify.

  • BloodCrypt has a really nice look and feel to it and plays quite well for a 7DRL. Some of the first things I noticed that I didn't like were how dark the game was, the lights flickering too erratically, and the auto-adjusting camera not working well. I also had an instance where my character was somehow trapped in between two rooms and I couldn't move anywhere to get out. There were some scaling problems with my window and no way to exit the game except alt+f4. The game has a very unique look to it and feels kind of like a board game. There were no sounds, but the 3D graphics and aesthetic alone were impressive enough being a 7DRL. Clicking around felt a little clunky at times, especially with the frustrating camera, but that's all there was to the movement and camera control so I liked the simplicity. The main goal of the game is how much gold you can collect before dying. Enemies are present and will shave off your health pretty easily, however it is regained whenever you generate new squares/rooms or by eating cheese that is randomly spawned on tiles. New rooms and corridors are added when you reach the end of the current square that you are on, and the generation for the most part was decent, with hallways and some rooms that are blocked off or have objects in the middle that are impassable. I can recommend checking this game out and had some fun throughout multiple playthroughs to see how high I could get my gold count.

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Lovely graphics! I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thank you Jupiter. It's a great review :)


This is Actually complete, and in active development :)