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Have an impossible task? Justin Case is here to the rescue! He'll do whatever you want, whenever you need it.
Submitted by darqwerful — 4 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Puzzle Design#14.4004.400

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Judge feedback

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  • A solid point and click inventory puzzle adventure game - I enjoyed the Floral gang and the painting puzzles. Got stuck on the final door, though - the clue meant nothing to me, and eventually I gave up!

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(1 edit)

i cant open the third door, i dont know what is the E X I T mean?


For the third door, use the corresponding number of each of the alphabets, so E is 5 and I is 9. Add for X and T so X is 2+4=6 and T is 2+0=2, so the code is 5692 :)

i solve all puzzles but i cant complete the game, where should i go when i stole painting


Ekskon is planning on reporting The Florals to the police, so if you leave the painting with Bosgye, the police will recover it when they raid the warehouse.

the second door is hard to open , or is it just me but i can't figure it out


It's not just you. Most people are having trouble with that. I'll add a hint system once the jam is over so you don't get stuck.

The clue is 2143 and you have to enter the number of corners of each of the paintings in the correct order. The first painting has 4, second has 0, third has 2 and fourth has 6, so the code is 0462

I've also mentioned the answer for the third room in one of the comments on the game page, if you need :)

Thanks for playing!

(1 edit) (+1)

This game was really fun! Loved the art style, the dialogue and the premise.

I have some small gripes ( it was annoying having to wait for the text. And the second clue is phrased way too vaguely, while figuring out the right answer is technically possible, it's much less clear what the hint refers to when compared to the other clues which makes solving it takes more time & feels less rewarding) but overall I think the game is pretty polished and enjoyable.


Really appreciate you taking the time to write a detailed review!

I don't know if I want to make the second puzzle easier because then people might complain that it's too easy. But I see you point on how it can be annoying just sitting there for a long time and trying to figure it out. I'll make Justin give you hints that you can either accept or reject at different time intervals so you don't have to spend so much time.

As for the text, I've already fixed the issue in my project. Just waiting for the jam to end so I can upload it. :)

help I'm stuck on the second door


I really enjoyed playing this! The art style is great!

As everyone else is saying, the text should be completed when clicking instead of having to wait for it :)


Thanks! Yeah, I'm kicking myself for forgetting to do that.


You did a great job ! I liked it a lot !

The puzzle were very good, the codes were not too hard but not too easy (i bugged for the 3rd one for a long while^^), the fun touch you added was very good.

(But please, you need to do something about text, make it shorter or make it appear totally if the player click, I was thinking of giving up despite of the game being good a lot)


Thanks, I really appreciate it! I agree about the text, will upload the fixed version after the jam is over.


I couldn't finish the game because I couldn't figure out for the life of me the code for the second door, and I was stuck there with no way to go back that I could find to get more hints maybe?... :( I may have missed something though. :)

Even with that, this is a great game! :)

Only negative feedback is about the text appearing animations. It would have been good that they would be a bit faster, or at least skippable (click to skip animation and see the full sentence).


Thanks for your feedback, I agree with you completely about the text speed. I've already made changes to fix this, will upload after the judging period is over. 

As for the second room, you have to enter the number of corners on each painting in the order provided in the clue. The clue is 2143, so enter the number of corners on the second painting (which is 0) first and so on.  Keep the clues equipped as you enter the passcode so that you can see the paintings and the clue at the same time.


Corners... of course. I tried sides, straight sides, but not number of corners... T_T

I'll give it a go again after I finish testing all the other games, thanks for the tip! :D