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The theme has just been announced!

One Room

Enjoy the jam!


Welcome to all participants and thanks for joining the jam!

This is already our ninth edition and we're excited to see what everyone will come up with this time. Theme submission will start on August 11th so don't forget to start thinking about some themes already. Voting will happen one week after that and finally the jam itself.

Don't forget to join our friendly libGDX Discord server here to talk about this jam and all other stuff concerning libGDX.

This is a fantastic entry to the jam! Very enjoyable and it looks great. Thanks!

That is one good looking game!

Great entry and game! Very polished and the music is fantastic.

Can this power be learned?

LibGDX Jam #8 community · Created a new topic It's a jam!

Welcome to the 8th Libgdx jam!

Excited to see what the theme will be.

Superb hacker game! The atmosphere is perfect. Fun and very tense at times!

Nice job! That was pretty cool!

I like the menus, great use of color, good choice of music.

Normal mode wasn't exciting enough to keep my attention for long, but Hell Mode is where all the cool kids are. That mode was a lot more fun but very difficult, I liked it!
I just wish there was a mode that has the Hell difficulty but with the amount of lives you get in Normal :)

Nice animated buttons!
Cool to see achievements in a game.

I loved it! Beautiful graphics and great sounds and music. A great entry! 

Thanks! It was fun to make too :)

This game was very fun to play, I was hooked! Fantastic work for a one week jam!

I love it! Great use of the theme. The last puzzle stumped me for a bit. Love the classic point and click mechanics. Hope to see more of this!

Thanks for the outstanding review! 

I may add some future updates eventually. In the end this game will be part of a bigger game as a kind of mini-game, so it's bound to change a lot until then. :)


Hi, great suggestion!

Version 1.2 has just been uploaded. After downloading it, you should  be able to enter the command RESET to completely reset the game.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

A retro trading game inspired by classics such as Dope Wars, Trade Wars and Gazillionaire. With a classic Game Boy color palette for maximum nostalgia!

Visit exotic planets, gamble in the casino, play the lottery and don't forget to upgrade your ship.