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Very good game and a fun concept. I also enjoyed the humour in the great voice acting, nice job!

Another great James / Java Cakes entry. The screams of the doomed passengers still reverberate in my head but a jolly good time was had.

A real game for a real boy. Very fun gameplay, great idea with the highscore embed too.

A very well-written adventure game that is fun to play, worth the price of admission. I hope to see more of this young and promising creator in the future.

A plethora of BALLS! A+

Thanks so much for playing the game! It was fun watching you play it. :)

I absolutely love that I can finally murder these discord members, it's exactly what I wanted this year. Merry Christmas!

Thanks to this amazing tool I will never miss Christmas again. This will run 24/7 on my tv.

Truly one of the best worst games I have ever played. 5/5 A++

Welcome to the place! Can't wait to be beaten by the great Sparkastic!

A lovely adventure game! Great art, very pleasant atmosphere. I hope to see more of this in the future!

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As per usual, all games have been played and recorded by Raeleus :

Thanks, Raeleus!

Very good entry, plays very well!

Such a good puzzle game, gameplay is fun and smooth!

A very polished game as usual! Fun too, I love how the game controls.

Great flappy game!

Awesome game! It reminds me of the old stuff from the arcades, I loved this one. Great entry.

A worthy sequel to Flybird! Great job!

Another great redsponge game! Very polished as usual, great job!

Too bad you didn't get to finish, it's a very cool concept!

This is a very polished game, what a cool entry! It looks and feels great, music fits perfectly.

What a cool concept! A very fun game, very tactical.
My favourite one so far!

Great job here! Very impressive stuff! A very polished game.

We have 20 submissions which is a record!

Great job, everyone, I hope fun was had and let's meet again for the next jam! (or on discord)

Something for the sequel!

Very nice! It takes some strategy. I think the game can be improved if the speed gets faster the longer you can survive.

Great concept! Great game too, very creative. It plays and looks very well.

Very impressive work!

This was a fun game, a very creative interpretation of the theme!


That was some enjoyable clicking!
Great job too with the sounds and graphics, very creative.

A game of reflexes and big brain power. A very worthy submission and I like how you interpreted the theme, very creative. A+

Thanks for voting, all! Good luck with the game!

Or else ...

Hi there!

You can now start submitting your themes here :

Hi James! Good to have you here!

Thank you, much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed it.
I have to agree with you on the controls, full mouse control would have been better instead of this combination of mouse+keyboard :)

This is very pretty!

This game moved me in a way like no other game has moved me today. I rate this experience 6 flacid zucchini's out of 5 single moms in my area.

Thank you the stirring review!