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This is absolutely a perfect Dope Wars game! It does everything right, a lot of people don't 'get' what this game should be about but this is it. It keeps the same addicting gameplay loop as it's supposed to have, without a bunch of random fluff added to it.

I do like the short CYOA type of gameplay added in with the Castle, it provides some variation without distracting from that solid core gameplay loop. The Soothsayer is also a lot of fun.

It's also not easy, as it should be. The RNG feels the same as I'm used to, this is another thing a lot of clones get wrong. Looks like you studied/played the original one to keep this same vibe.

The Beastiary is a nice detail. Great job in keeping track of the average price bought.

The UI is clean and minimalistic as it should be. Love the ambient soundtrack and sfx.

I hope it still has the lid though

That is a good-looking jar, how much are you selling it for?

Ah, too bad. I think this game was made in Java 8, which has become a bit old at this time.  You should be able to play this on Java 8, but maybe it's not really worth it to install that version on your pc. 

Thanks for reporting this, but I'm afraid I'm not able to update this game anymore due to some technical issues.

I'm glad you enjoy the game and thanks for playing!

At this time, there is sadly no downloadable version planned. But there is still the Android version Space Trader - Apps on Google Play.

Very cool! These are great. I also used your Cyberpunk background for Agents of C by Peanut Panda ( (I wasn't able to comment on the Cyberpunk page)

Great entry! Love the art, good eye for details. Excellent choice of music and sfx and well done on the gameplay as well!

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Hurray, I won! Such a pleasant game, until it becomes dark. I love the setting, great job!

Also big thanks for implementing customizable controls and thinking about those azerty users like myself!

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Thanks for playing! I'll post this here in case other people get stuck on this puzzle.
As you already found out, the game tells you where to look for a clue after getting it wrong a couple of times. If you find the clue, then the last line of the message will give you a big hint.

It's business time

Very nice, but keep in mind that only libgdx can be used for this libgdx jam. A Unity game will be disqualified.


Expertly written! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, very exciting and quite the ending! Funny too.

Expertly written! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, very exciting and quite the ending!

Are those store-bought tomatoes?

Very cool, this was fun. Runs very smoothly and has good-looking art too.

Thanks for playing!

In the meantime, with the blessing by jam host Beregon, following server has been created for this jam :

Thanks! Here's the link :

Would you mind if I create a temporary Discord server for this jam where people can talk about it, find teams etc ... ?

A Discord server would be cool. If it's okay with the jam host @bergeron and everyone else I don't mind setting up a temporary server where everyone can get together to talk about the jam, coordinate teamwork etc ... ?

I did it! Very nice puzzles, great art style!

Thanks for playing, Groxar. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

Thank you, John! Your feedback is much appreciated as always.

Tried the mobile version, controls are great! Good game!

This is a very well made game. It runs very smooth on html. I love the lighting and art! Great use of the theme, well done!

Very well made, a perfect jam game. Great controls, love those sfx too.

Very nice runner-type of game, very good art and music!

A very pretty game, I feel like I need to retry this game when it's out on mobile with some mobile controls. Great job and good use of the theme!

Great job, especially for a first time programmer! Very hard game, I couldn't defeat the boss sadly as he was too fast for me. Also, great art by Raeleus.

Very original stuff, short and sweet. It's funny, clever and I like that you added voice!

Very good game! A thief tycoon type of game, just what I like. Great controls and execution. A+!

Thanks for playing! Stay tuned for the next episode of Tales of the Underground Kingdom!

As an expert on the matter, I have not learned anything. But nonetheless a very good game, I shall recommend it.

Fantastic stuff, works great on html too. Reminds me of a past era. A very fine entry.

One for the ages!

Thanks, Bob! Merchandise is planned Q4 2022!

Don't blame me for your marmalade happenings!
My people don't have a separate name for jam just because the color is orange.

It's the season of eggs, perfect for jams

Good game for catching hacks. Very difficult though, only for pro-hackers.