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A jam submission

Unreal RobberyView game page

Walking puzzle game for the adventure Jam #103
Submitted by Jean-Marc Studio | JMS — 21 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Puzzle Design#43.5003.500

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • While there are just two keypad puzzles, they're both well-made, and each clever in its own way! The conversations and world warping effects do a great job of slowly building the narrative, and the payoff works well! My only suggestion is that you add a strobe warning at the start of the game, because the glitch effects might trouble some people!
  • ​Really nice look to it. Would have liked the story a bit more fleshed out. The big reveal at the end didn't really have import to it because I didn't really know what I was stealing or why for the whole rest of the story anyway. Only two puzzles in the game, but they're well done.

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This looked really polished. I thought the first puzzle was really satisfying, had to spend some time figuring it out. But then I got stuck in the elevator. Every time I entered the code, the code at the top would change. Kept entering them but nothing happened. Maybe I missed something.

I thought the mouse turning speed was a little too high. I'm usually complaining about it being too slow, but in this case it made it harder for me to select the buttons to enter the codes.


Hi, thank you for your comment !

There is a problem with the enigma in elevator, unfortunately too much people get stuck there.. As it is for a  jam, I couldn't test it really, and I guess my logic is not same as anyone else. Only few people could get it alone, and other ones I had to help. I guess a few hints from the voice could have helped you.

The idea of this enigma is that you really have to type the code that the buttons are showing (3096), but when you type 0, it is like typing2, when you type 1, it is like typing 3, when you type 2, it is like typing 4,... eevry number + 2.

So when you type 3096, you in fact type 5218 (+ 2 for every digit and if more than 10, we just keep last digit).

So you need to press -2 for every digit. So globally, the answer is 1874.

It's near the end of the story, you can also quite cut all the story at beginning with just pressing the code even if the voice didn't do the thing on screen. (you will just have different dialogs later if you don't do some at beginning^^)


Ah, okay! I think I might have figured it out if the numbers on the top appeared as I entered them. Anyway, I finished it. Good game :)