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A game about the story of Anusapati, the son of Singhasari's first King
Submitted by keychera (@keychera) with 7 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Puzzle Design#92.0002.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Historical Event
It is based on a story between a prince and a king

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Jam Judge(+1)

Even though I don't know much about this historical event, the story provided was interesting and detailed as were the characters. Classic point n' click mechanics, but some more explanation as to what you were supposed to do would have been nice. The art was simple, but it was hard on the eyes to focus on anything since there was a lack of color and lines. Music should be turned down, but it was a decent choice for this game.

Best of luck.

Jam Judge(+1)

I really like the story behind the game, however I couldn't figure much out. I included it in my $101 Adventure Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This seems to me like a game that was supposed to be a lot longer and then got cut down due to time constraints. There are many rooms but only 3 that are good for anything. There is hardly anything to interact with, just people (most of whom are useless) and one object.

The art is good enough to see what's going on but not great. It's so scribbly that it's kind of confusing to the eye.

The music is not particularly noteworthy but at least it has music and that's something.

I found the puzzle unintuitive, and eventually just solved it by dumb luck going around and clicking everything.


Your guess was right! it is a game that was supposed to be longer but time constraint forced us to rush the game :'). It is not that 2 week is not enough time, it's just us joining the jam in the middle of our college activities that decrease the time available for us to dedicate our self to the development. We are aware that it would be the case, though, since our goal was not to win anything but to finish a game using our spare time and making this jam a reason to push forward. and Voila! what you have witnessed is our first "finished" game!! hehe

Yeah, we are aware that the art is lacking and there is virtually no puzzle at all. We don't have either a dedicated artist or dedicated game designer in the team and we were doing the programming and putting stuff in Unity most of the time, hence the art and everything else was put in quite low priority. For the music though, it is actually an original score and we do have a dedicated musician. I personally think the music is interesting. The music is supposed to reminisce the feel of Indonesian traditional music by its melody being in the pentatonic scale and arranged using metallic sounding instruments and I think my team's musician has done a great job composing that.

I guess that's all I wanna say, so, thanks for the jam and thanks for the feedback!

Host (2 edits) (+2)

Just went back and listened to the music again. It looks like there are three pieces of music. The one at the intro screen is interesting. I really like that one. Also one of the two that play during the game is quite interesting as well, but the other doesn't really stand out much. It's fine background music but just doesn't really stand out and that seems to be the one that plays more often than the more interesting one. Also it seems the music stops playing after a while and is completely silent until you do something that makes it start up again. I suppose those are the reasons I didn't notice the music very much. The more interesting piece plays more rarely and a lot of time there is no music. But yes some of the music is quite interesting.


thank you for the words. Every piece of music is supposed to loop but if it's the otherwise then it could be another bug, so I'm taking notes. 


I liked the character's design in the intro, but the rest of the graphics were quite lackluster. :( It's probably a conscious decision to use that style, but why not have the only interactable item in the whole game (the kris) be in the same style, rather than "popping out" like that with a very different style?

There was a lot to visit, but not a lot to do. Some dialogues would replay when they shouldn't (I got the ring discussion twice, probably because I read all the books again after getting it once, and I got the ending twice too).

The menu to quit the game didn't work. Clicking on "Quit Game" did nothing, so I had to ALT+F4 after the ending. :)

It's not a bad game for a jam overall, but might benefit from maybe a bit more interaction, and improved graphics in the game in the style of the intro, as I liked those. :)


Regarding the art for the locations and the characters, they are supposed to be sketches but it's true that it's a conscious decision to leave it that way because we were running out of time :') also, the Kris being really different in style is because the location and the rest are drawn by two different people and we just like, "its look doesn't really blend with others but yeah! that's not a problem for now! moving on!", hehe

I agree that there is not much to do. We basically cut many content ideas so we can finish the game. After voting ends, we might continue or even rebuild this since we have a lot of ideas to implement.

Also thanks for pointing out the non-functioning quit button. I guess we also still have several unfinished features in the game. This is a rushed game after all.

I think I'm glad that this game has something that you like, we appreciate that :) so, thanks for the feedback!