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A simple sprite creator with animation capabilities.


Top Othermade with Piskel (19 results)

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A one button, pixel-art, endless runner with online leaderboards.
The bullet hell turn-based game.
Is a game where the dificulty rises with the age of the Hero, are you ready to face the passing of time?
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Indie game made for GMTK Jam 2018. Bullet Hell without enemies.
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A Shoot Em Up With A Twist Created For The 3rd Extra Credits Game Jam. :)
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An arcade-like time trial game
1, 2, 3, ... TAP
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Make ridiculous leaps of logic to solve an equally ridiculous crime.
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Win tons of money, buy all the upgrades, conquer the universe! Just by clicking away on your computer
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Snake prototype made with Godot 3.0
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A place where you can watch all the BFDI related things!
Ploo! A Game for Two!
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Prototype Made for Ludum Dare 42. Run out of space, avoiding asteroids and a solar explosion while collecting fuel.
Interact with a slime and try to get some kind of reaction out of it.
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It's Raining Fruit! Hallelujah!
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