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It desires more. Feed It. Nourish It.
Laranjo is an indie horror game produced by only two people in 2 months, working on it every day.
Where The Goats Are is a slow-paced, meditative game about life and raising goats.
A psychological horror adventure game about a man and his inner demons.
Hack the Apocalypshield and save the world! [C64]
The Evil Masters brought chaos, horror, destruction, pain. Fight them, if you dare.
a game about teen girls, blogs and love triangles in 2004
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Playstation 1 style physics game about an unstoppable force of nature that is OMNIBUS!
A playful, interactive alphabet.
artsy audio visual exploration experience
All you can do is try your best.
surreal horror / exploration game for VR
Prepare to defend yourself and your colony.
A space exploration game
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What if platformers were RPGs ?
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RPG with sci-fi and horror elements.
Flying as a crow over and over.
Harvey is a timeless virtual 3D interactive environment based on an academic hall at the University of Wisconsin-Stout
A Lunar Landing Game
Tomorrow will be Valentines day - tomorrow she will know what you feel - tomorrow... you will be dead.
Hardcore avoider about a ball escaping a labyrinth.
A typical day of a lucid dreamer.
An atmospheric horror game with branching paths and multiple endings.
Break-out Clone with a Level Editor
an · autobiographical · game · album
Seven Day Roguelike 2016
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Take a lesson to the fear!
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