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Games like Amerwold woods

Explore. Understand. Escape.
a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain
A retro set of 16x16 tiles for creating your own fabulous space station!
A visual novel about an AI counseling program, the people who develop it, and the people who use it.
Visual Novel
Build action packed, illuminated RPGs
Free 2D Game Assets for Commercial, and Non-Commercial Use.
Set of 100+ fantasy 32x32 portraits
A museum to explore different lockpicking mechanics in games
A platform shooter that brings 90's gaming smashing into your face from your PC.
The package is quite simple.™
Asset Pack with 375+ 2D Cat Images
Fate Core in 50 pages or less. Refined. Streamlined. Stand-alone. Open licensed.
A handy quick and easy sprite sheet slicer