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Realtime VHS-era video artifacts for Unreal Engine
his content has been created as a small free version of the purchasable package!
Made for modern game engines. Free to use for any purpose!
Luos's Particle Pack Vol. 1 is a nice toolbox filled with all kinds of neat things to create particles with!
A dynamic split screen for two players
Retro gaming FX for Unreal Engine
Lightning, Ice, Light, Darkness are the central elements of the second "Four Elements" package.
Weapon Master VR is a comprehensive weapon, pickup, and locomotion UE4 blueprint system for the HTC Vive.
Luos's four elements particle pack!
Skybox for 3D game Engines 2048X2048 can scale down
SGS Modular Beach Pack - Is a perfect modular pack for creation of beach.
7 low poly weapons ranging from daggers to a deadly scimitar
MCE is a set of tools to prototype combat, skills, stats, runtime modifiers and actions in your game.
CRT screen simulation for Unreal Engine
Blueprint powered, modular, multiplayer survival game template for Unreal Engine 4.
VHS and Film Post Process for Unreal Engine 4
Unreal Engine 4 Materials used to Parody the Visuals from Tiltbrush Assets.
You can create your own voxel adventure RPG, Rougelike or FPS game.
Easily create your own arcade space shooter game in Unreal Engine 4, similar to the Starfox games!
Create your own VOXEL adventure RPG, Rougelike or FPS game with Unreal Engine 4
A collection of VR Hands and animations to help prototype your next Unreal Engine 4 project
Free tool to help setting up decorative ropes in UE4
A faithful recreation of the movement from Zone of the Enders in Unreal Engine 4!
68 noise textures (some merged) used for vfx.
UniWeapon features a playable FPS/TPS/TD Character which has a pre-set weapons.
A small Christmas scene set in a roadside motel, somewhere in the USA.
Rising Star Environment Submission
Foliage Essential is an essential pack for all types of games
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