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This pack contains an viking that just stumbled upon zombies trying to eat hes brain.
Pixel Art Game Kit
Pixel art style particle systems for Unity 3D
An export of some of my particle systems
Best for runner games, sidescroller, arcade and more!
70 .wav files - Epic Nature Loops includes sounds of wind, water, rain, thunder and fire.
All of the art you need to put a fireball in your game or project!
21 fire themed icons and accompanying UI elements
2d game assets fire and smoke
50 background ambience sound loops
A fire propagation system created entirely in Blueprint.
Totally destructive animations...
A great collection of animated cartoon explosions!
Tons of high quality explosive animated fireball sprites.
Go ahead and nuke those pixels back to the dark ages!
2d mobs with 09 gestures for all kind of games
Demo scene showcasing my interactive element project.
Fire Particle effects such as explosion, orb, aura and more!