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audiodigital sonnets
a queer perspective on the business of fiction
A short story about discovering yourself.
Something about depression and hope.
"...holding your six-inch knife while listening to your parents fight in the living room..."
Another Twine Game
Lady Velvet is very strict. If you follow all her rules, she'll leave you unharmed.
Now that it's dark, you feel a little silly—& chilly—in the stupid skirt. Fortunately, someone offers you a ride...
Gameplay concept developed for a 6-hour game jam.
talk to a ghost in the pink desert
Your ten years on the station are up. The Company sent a pair of clones to replace you-- and they've got a secret.
A new world a new text based RPG adventure!
A short story of what happens next
a quasi-autobiography in twine by a writer who doesn't get paid to write.
A twine novella about comedy, and what we use it for.
poetry zine series, issue 01
A short Twine game about time travel and grief.
A teenage girl's complicated life, but wait... There's more.
An My Little Pony text game in which you must guide a pony in search for her home. Made with Twine.
A Twine version of Angela Carter's classic tale
poetry zine series, issue 02
Jimmy the horse chooses his own adventure
Sometimes, things are not as they seem...
A short interactive Twine that is part of a larger transmedia story
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