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its a book i wrote a while ago and now you can download it so thats cool
Two Horror Romances: An erotic F/F short story duology.
the best of Carta Monir's selfie newsletter, collected into a single zine
an erotic short story
cyberpunk dystopian stories in the world of Terminus Machina
A collection of the art behind the indie game, Wonder Wickets, as illustrated by Nick Roger.
Find clothes that people like and can actually afford.
Final Fantasy 7 slash fiction and walkthroughs.
Just a random thing.
Another Deacon Bishop prequel
an erotic short story
Words and pictures about falling in love, transition, and all the times I haven't killed myself
lesbian paranormal road trip adventure
an erotic short story
A vampire and a monster hunter make a paranormal odd couple in this short story prequel.
Hard-science cyberpunk epic about the transformation of the human condition in the technological era
an erotic short story
Wordtober 2018 Twine-Compilation
An excerpt from 'Foods: Their Apocalyptic Lives'.
A preview for a horror story
8 fun packed stories in one bundle.
a collection of empowering queer short stories
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