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14 talks about women in tech, game design, and the industry we love
A tabletop RPG that accidentally whisks you away to alternate earth
A non-fiction COYA game about a book no one's read.
A zine about video games. This time, specifically, The Long Dark.
A short story about a gun and her girl.
game write-ups and other things
The story might as well end here, before it begins, if you don't read it.
a fan story about a certain click and point horror franchise
Willard goes to a tea party.
Knowledge of mystery will let you see the pattern, but is the pattern a communist?
a collection of writing and illustrations of a shadowy mob boss and his boy...
A manifesto on games design as told through Super Mario Maker.
Interactive short story
a collection of sketches from august and september
A collaboration of summer-inspired artworks by dutch artists.
flash fiction about gay robots cuddling
An unofficial book on Undertale, delving into the game's explorations of compassion.
Jornal de Artista, livro digital. Passe a página:
game spaces + architecture
English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionary with spell check and Thesaurus.
A sea-bound novelette about sailing, madness & the ocean.
a small collection of sketches from early summer
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