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I hope you love games with distinct artstyles because that’s we’ve got two of them ready and waiting for you. Each is a little different -- one is a gross dungeon crawler, and the other is a cute friendship-simulator-- but both are fun romps that are worth your time. Does this sound exciting? Great! Read on for the full recommendations.


If you ever wanted sliding puzzles crossed with Running Man then Plunge is going to be your jam. You’re some kind of future prisoner whose only means of escape is to survive a gauntlet of weird armored attackers and continue on deeper and deeper into the prison. It feels like no game in 2019 is complete without randomly generated levels, and Plunge maintains this trend, but it keeps the game fresh as you die for the hundredth time. Fortunately death doesn’t mean you’re starting at square one again as there are checkpoints you’ll unlock once you dive deep enough.

I wasn’t able to beat Plunge before writing this, so I can’t speak to the depth of the game’s randomized power ups or alternate characters, but the core loop is a fun twist on sliding puzzles. One area where the game really shines through is its art style. It’s dirty, looks like it was inspired by comix, and doesn’t look like any other games. If any of the games’ screenshots interest you, then you’ll find their tone mirrored well in the writing mechanics, and lore. 

Plunge is a great pick-up-and-put-down treat that is worth the $8 you’ll plunk down to pick it up.

Shipping Out

This week we’re happy to deliver a wholesome adventure for you in Shipping Out. This one’s a cute adventure about solving mysteries and making friends at the same time. You’re the new kid in school and after designing your mom, dad, and player character you get to explore a small coastal town. What makes this game unique though is its unwavering joy. Each character is a unique delight and is brought to life through the game’s adorable art style. By the time I closed the game I had found a fondness for both the characters and the town of McGuire. 

Unfortunately there are some weak points in Shipping out. I’d love to be able to spend some more time with my friends in McGuire and there are some technical hiccups I ran into. That said, I am happy to recommend the game to anyone who needs a splash of positivity in their lives. 

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Thanks so much playing Shipping Out! Means the world to the whole team and myself!
If you had any technical hiccups, you can report bugs to DPandaHeart or myself. We'd love to guarantee players the smoothest experience possible while playing Shipping Out.  Thanks again for the shoutout!

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