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The Summer Sale is here!

Take a vacation into the land of hot deals with the Summer Sale! From the time you’re reading this until the 1st of July at 10am PST hundreds of games, projects, and soundtracks are available on discount.

Throughout the event our team will be featuring new games on the front page and on Twitter, but the more adventurous can find everything in our system with a discount here. If that’s enough deals for you, we’re also featuring a brand new Selects bundle until June 28th at 10am PST including the following games.


More puzzle than shooter, Superhot is a FPS where the enemies only move when you do. Plot your shots carefully because the numbers aren’t on your side. If you’ve ever wanted to live an action movie fight scene but don’t have the reflexes of a movie hero, this is the game for you.

BFF or Die

Grab your pals and get ready for a variety of white knuckle friendship challenges in BFF or Die. Each stage throws in fun new controls and challenges for your team while you cooperatively try to explore, claw game, or sneak your way to the objective. Any number from 1-4 can pick up the controller and explore so make sure you’re ready to entertain.

The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game

Solving mysteries has never been cuter. Dust off your magnifying glass and journey to a spooky island with an amphibian friend in Frog Detective. There are a cast of characters to fall in love with and fun stories to uncover in one of the year’s cutest games. Crime has never been so wholesome and we’re happy to help the world share in this joy.

Extreme Meatpunks Forever

Hop into a meat-themed mech and punch some fascists in Extreme Meatpunks Forever. Get a full season of post apocalyptic road trips across America and learn to live with a squad that’s equal parts great and terrible. You’ll never feel this meaty again.


Turn on all the lights in your house because the classic scares of Paratopic are haunting their way into this bundle. A quick trip through the late-90s era of horror games, this masterpiece of atmosphere will test your constitution and never let up. It’s one of 2018’s best games and a worthy addition to your library.

Cube Escape Paradox

Grab some popcorn because this bundle wouldn’t be complete without the combination game/movie Cube Escape Paradox. Telling one story across film and game, the masters of escape room-style games have perfected their craft in this creepy delight.

Like a popsicle in the sun, these deals won’t last forever so grab your picks before it’s too late.

In this post and 6 others
6 items for $50.47 $9.00 (save 82%)
Bundle ended 2019-06-28T17:00:00Z

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In this post and 6 others
6 items for $50.47 $9.00 (save 82%)
Bundle ended 2019-06-28T17:00:00Z

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