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Tags Recommends: Fresh Games for the week of 5/11

There's nothing better than being the friend with good taste. That person who everyone goes to looking for recommendations on shows, restaurants, and movies. We here at can't make you cool, but we can certainly try. Check out this week's crop of fresh games and impress your friends.

Showdown Demo

First up we have a game that's not even done yet. That's right our first game is more proof-of-concept than finished-product and it's already awesome. If you ever played Downwell and wished you could go through it head to head with a friend, Showdown has your back. Futhermore, the developer Omrii has promised to update the game frequently with new content so you won't run out of stuff to do any time soon..

Eagle Island

Not a fan of local multiplayer games but still interested in games that aren't finished yet? Well wrap yourself in Eagle Island's beautiful pixels and take a cozy nap. Still not sold? As far as I know this is the only game this year that features bird throwing to such an extreme degree. If you're the type who likes getting involved in a game's development you'll be happy to know that Eagle Island is also on Kickstarter right now.

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack

Alright, so maybe getting games before they're completed isn't for you. Maybe you just want the hottest new thing. Well gather your friends around because you're about to spend the weekend playing Shoot Shoot Mega Pack. Imagine the unholy fusion of Geometry Wars and Mario Party and you're part of the way there. SSMP comes with 4 game modes built in but there's also a Chaos Mode where all of the rules are randomly shuffled and a Custom Mode where you can build your own rulesets. Yep, you can make your own modes so you and your friends

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