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Welcome to the Summer Sale!

Happy June everyone! It’s been a little while since we’ve done this last, but don’t worry bundle fans we haven’t forgotten about you. That’s right! It’s time to announce our newest Selects Bundle! For the next week you can pick up these 6 great games for just $9!


Feeling stressed out lately? Take some time for yourself in APICO, a bee keeping simulator that promises both strategy and relaxation. Navigate a world’s worth of varied biomes with their own bee species, flowers, and more. Cross-breed your bees, flowers, and get those sweet profits by making and selling honey, apicola, and a variety of other apicultural products. Need another reason to check APICO out? Full 4 player co-op. 

Find out what all of the buzz is about in APICO. 

Heck Deck

Grab your deck and get on the move, because in this roguelike deckbuilder time only moves when you do! This deceptively brilliant shooter takes two great genres and becomes even better than the sum of its parts. Dodge, blast, and strategize in sessions that keep you at the edge of your seat but never overwhelms you.  

Every move matters, so grab Heck Deck now. 

Midnight Scenes: The Nanny

Octavi Navarro has quietly been making some of the best pixelated horror games around with his Midnight Scenes series. These devilish little treats are all separated from each other by settings and mechanics, but what ties them all together is masterful pacing and mind-bogglingly good art. Haven’t seen what all the hubbub is about? Midnight Scenes: The Nanny is Navarro’s take on 80s childhood horror and can be yours as a part of this bundle!


Fans of our blog may recognize Orangepixel as they’ve reliably put out banger after banger. With Residual they’ve turned their attention to the survival genre, but with a 2d twist. Explore this massive procedurally generated world, dig deep into the planet, and figure out the mysteries behind this strangely beautiful alien world. 

Dig deep in Residual. 

Cannele and Nomnom: Defective Agency

Sometimes you play games as a deeply competent character perfectly suited to their world. Other times you play a pair of lovable doofuses that need a little help to get through the day. Cannele and Nomnom are the latter. This detective adventure features two “disasters” (the devs’ words), and one of the most unique designs in game history. Right now the game is in the “investigation phase.” This means the game doesn’t reveal whodunnit quite yet, but asks the community what they think. All of this will coalesce into the “resolution phase” with the game’s proper endings later this year. 

Get in on the fun and influence the end of Cannele and Nomnom’s story today! That’s all that we have in this Selects bundle, so make sure to pick up the whole thing here while you still can. 

Happy summer (or winter) everyone!

Hero's Hour

Want to experience the joy of real time strategy gameplay? What about the tactics of turn based adventuring? Well now you can have two great genres that mashup beautifully in the excellent Hero's Hour! Assemble your armies, and take on the computer or your friends in this massive wargame ready to soak up your time.

Pick up the Summer Selects Bundle here.

EDIT: The bundle previously featured Backpack Hero in error. No changes are being made to previous purchases, but refunds are available for previous purchasers through our Support.

In this post and 6 others
6 games for $71.96 $9.00 (save 87%)
Bundle ended 2023-07-04T17:00:00Z

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In this post and 6 others
6 games for $71.96 $9.00 (save 87%)
Bundle ended 2023-07-04T17:00:00Z

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