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Announcing the #museumjam AKA the Pippin Barr Game Idea Jam #2

We’re pleased to announce the #museumjam in partnership with the Zium Musem. Throughout the entire month of April you’re invited to make any sort of 3D art you want for a chance to be featured in the upcoming Zium Museum sequel.

The Zium Museum is a digital collection of art that is formatted like a traditional museum in a 3D space. Last year’s museum featured art from a variety of contributors across multiple disciplines where they were allowed to set their creativity loose. If you’re curious to learn more about what makes the Zium so great, you can try last year’s model for free or read our interview with the curator now.

This year everyone is able to get in on the action through the #museumjam so get your art hands ready. There’s no theme to this jam other than the encouragement to make the art that only you can. The judging panel (which includes myself) are looking for works across digital mediums so 2D and 3D art are both accepted, alongside musical contributions. Of course there are different awards across disciplines. Feel free to get wild with it. The award categories are as follows:

  • Best in Show
  • Best Use of 2D
  • Best Use of 3D
  • The WTF Award (Well Textured Furniture)
  • The OMG Award (Original Musical Genius)
  • The LMAO Award (Lemon Meringue Amphibious Object)
  • The “This was Pippin’s Favorite” Award

I’m excited to see what the members of the community come up with and am truly looking forward to the judging process. The jam runs all month so you definitely have time to start up your projects now and make it before the deadline.

Good luck Jammers, make something awesome.

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