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Tags Recommends: Cerebral games for the week of 5/25

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since we talked about awesome games for you to play over the weekend. Last week the office was besieged by a large squid and we weren’t able to save our recommendations as they were pulled into the sea by 8 strong arms. Ok, that was a lie. Here are some games to play over the weekend.


Games don’t have a great track record of adapting other medium. After 30 years of terrible movie tie-ins we’re finally starting to get some that aren’t terrible. But other forms of media? Forget about it. That is, until Everything. Everything is an adaptation of Alan Watts’ philosophy on connectedness that has a an incredible level of clarity in its mechanics as metaphors. If you’re at all interested in games tackling other media you won’t beat Everything.

Old Man’s Journey:

It’s not often that I fall in love with a game before I play it. Old Man’s Journey is one of those games. With absolutely incredible art, and an awe-inspiring soundtrack by SCNTFC the game oozes charm before you even download it.

 Once you’re in the game focuses on guiding the titular old man through gorgeous landscapes while you experience a journey of “life, loss, and hope.” I haven’t been able to finish the old man’s journey but it’s already wrapped me in its tender arms.

Antihero First Access:

I’ve seen Antihero for what feels like forever. Tim Conkling has brought the game to the past several PAXes and each time I see it I’m taken in by both the incredible visual design and really smart gameplay choices. Imagine a multiplayer version of the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins but exclusively about heists.

Want to get in on the action? The full game won’t be out for months, but there are just over 350 keys (at the time of writing) left for the game’s last first access window. You can check out the game’s on- and offline multiplayer with single player coming in the coming months. You’ll also get a full copy of the game when it releases.

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