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We’re almost into 2020 but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to slack off on recommending games for you. We’re back with another pair of recommendations to help fill these long winter nights. The first of these is a really strong tabletop RPG and the other is one of the prettiest jam games I’ve ever seen. Read on for the full details.


If you’ve been reading the blog you’ll know that I’ve been trying to learn more about what the Tabletop Community has to offer. You may have seen some of the results of this with the Tabletop Selects Bundle, but the game I’ve been most anticipating throughout this whole process is Lancer. You may have heard of this mechs and pilots RPG through its jaunt through early access, or from the fact that there are a bunch of famous artists who’ve contributed illustrations to the project, but the game has finally released its first edition and it’s great. 

Much like any tabletop RPG, the value in this game comes from its flexibility and its ability to inspire your group to create memorable stories. Luckily Lancer is both massively open-ended through its modular mech design and evocative world. Of course this can be modified to your group’s liking but out of the box there’s a ton to dig into. I could go on about the specifics of this admittedly lengthy book, but know that in my initial time with Lancer has been immensely positive. Time will tell if Lancer can hold up with the greats, but so far it’s making a strong case to become your next favorite.

My Friend is a Raven

I didn’t know what to expect from this one going in. The screenshots looked interesting and the reactions were pretty positive so I thought I’d give it a go. My Friend is a Raven was developed for the Epic Megajam, but looks nothing like the games I associate with the Unreal Engine. Raven’s visuals are also its strongest point. Just one look at screenshots tell you a lot about the game. Everything is doodled in with what appears to be a ballpoint pen and the many of the objects in the world have a chunky low-poly effect that gives the world the sense that it’s made of cardboard. 

The rest of My Friend is a Raven works slightly less well, but it’s a nice excuse to see the game’s visuals. The story centers around the last living human after an apocalypse and his titular corvid pal. The writing is interesting enough that I never got bored, and the game’s light point-and-click puzzles are enough to make you think but not enough to hamper progress. 

For the low price of free, it’s hard not to find something to like in My Friend is A Raven and is worth it for the visuals alone.

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