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Need something to do with the rest of 2019? Try a game jam!

Jammers gather around, because we’ve prowled the Jams page and I’m back with the spoils of our hunt. If you want to see every jam currently scheduled on the site you can check out the Jams page yourself, but for those among us who prefer some guidance, read on for a trio of jams to fill up the rest of 2019.

Cryptid Jam

Dust off your flashlights and grainy cameras because it’s time to hunt for bigfoot. Or mothman. Or any of your favorite totally-real-creatures, because Cryptid Jam is coming up! That’s right, there’s an entire jam based around whatever rare monsters strike your fancy starting up on September 30th and running through Halloween. Timid jammers need not worry because there’s no ranking at the end! Everyone wins in this jam, so read up on your favorite cryptid and get ready for a fun October of development.

Github Game Off 2019

Our friends at Github are back at it with another Github Game Off! The month of November is your playground with what is sure to be one of the biggest jams of the year with 700 people already signed up to participate. Never joined the Game Off before? Don’t worry! These jams are open to all skill levels and don’t require entrants to use any specific genres or engines to build their projects. Past years have had fairly open themes, so just about anything is possible here.

Mix and Game Jam

Rounding out our trio of game jams is the Mix and Match Jam. If your preferred jam pace is more sprint than marathon, this is the one for you. Taking place over a brisk 24 hours starting on October 12th, this is the lightning round of game jams so make sure you’re ready to go at the starting line. Interested jammers can learn the theme 24 hours before the jam begins, so the time investment here is about as low as it gets.

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