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UPDATE (6/13) - We’ve added another awesome developer to the roster- Ethan Redd ( We’ll be streaming some games of his on Thursday at 2:30 PST!


—– is going to be at E3 2016 to show of some rad games!


The Media Indie Exchange provides a good chance to get some games in front of the press. will be at their E3 night on 6/15 presenting 2 games:

Brigador by Stellar Jockeys 


Brigador is an isometric mech action game full of intense, tactical combat. Fight your way through the streets of Solo Nobre in a 21 mission story campaign as well as a free play mode with endless variety.

Knuckle Sandwich by Andrew Brophy


Knuckle Sandwich is an RPG that follows the story of a young man who moves out of home and starts working at a rundown diner. Almost immediately after landing the job, people start to go missing around town and a peculiar series of cults appears looking for answers.

Live Streams w/ XSplit & Devolver

Thanks to our pals at XSplit and Devolver Digital, we’ll be streaming 6 awesome games from their stage throughout E3. Here’s a schedule of times and games that you’ll be able to check out on or


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