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Show animated faces on the message box!
Fully integrated Self Variables with the default event commands!
A plugin that let you cover a map and reveal it as player walks!
Creates a minimap for your game!
A jump system with flexible conditions for enable/disable the jump!
Different sounds for different items and equipments!
Create a book, a message log, in-game tutorials, and much more!
Add several new escape codes to the windows!
Add several new cost types to your skills!
Change colors, scale, offset, and much more of the character sprites!
Turn events into platforms that the player can walk/jump over it!
Show the face image of the message box in a different window!
Implement improvements in the choice system.
Aplly a filter on the entire screen, on all scenes!
A new scene to create your own characters graphics!
Automatically add common events before and after every show text command!
Play a common event every time the players close/exits the menu.
Adds diagonal movement and diagonal sprites support!
Let's you choose to add Help Windows to all scenes in RPG Maker MZ/MV!
Add parameters dynamically to battlers through states or equipments note tags!
Add enhanced versions of the default event commands!
Show pictures of Items, Skills, or Equipment in the menu windows!
Add enhanced versions of the default event commands!
Replace the currency unit with an icon!
Show multiple text windows on screen!
Show almost everything from database using escape codes!
Gives you more control over your timer!
Control equipment slots dynamically during runtime! Add, remove, lock!
Add a plugin command to use the default zoom feature of MZ.
Create customized backgrounds for scenes and windows!
Global Switches and advanced Switch operations!
Automatically set a speaker name through face message or vice versa!
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