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A free, easy to use tool for creating music!
FamiStudio - NES Music Editor for chiptune artists & homebrewers
The livecoding environment
a midi visualizer for cool people
Piano VFX Basic is a completely free MIDI visualizer which enables you to create beautiful piano videos.
Software Laser Synth / Abstract Generator
generate sound from very small programs
Convert MIDI files to Thirty Dollar Website songs
An automatic music generator for your projects!
Bring your piano music to life!
Procedural Music Generator
Run in browser
A multi-purpose collection of interactive audiovisual landscapes tailored to audiovisualists.
Libre game engine based on Ogre3D and Puredata
A strange free digital synthesizer
transform your voice into any instrument
Application for audio / midi music from fractals.
MIDI demake tool for PICO-8
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Create new music in seconds
An old but really simple program for editing MIDIs.
a probabilistic melody generator inspired by analog sequencers
A MIDI utility for learning scales, chords, and more!
Audio plugin that lets you use MIDI to pitch-shift via delay to turn unpitched audio into melodies
A non-destructive real-time MIDI quantizer for dialing in the pocket of your MIDI performances
Minimalist and ergonomic MIDI sequencer
strum the sound spectrum to create strange sounds
Procedural music generation
Run in browser
PianoGen: Your Procedural Music Companion, Infinitely Generate Piano Compositions
Beatmaps / flow / charts for rhythm games
A basic MIDI toy/experiment
Run in browser
AI music generation for MIDI
play a round music
a midi visualizer with cool effects
a versatile grid-based MIDI sequencer
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Mathematical MIDI generator
Virtual Sythesiezer Music Maker
Virtual MIDI hub
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