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Libre game engine based on Ogre3D and Puredata
This is a Coco Tandy Basic Clock
This is a Coco Tandy Piano with 12 notes to play
HTML5 terrain generation and abstract rendering
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This is a Simple Mini Piano interface with standard 7 notes to play
Empty your brain
A small android app to easily keep track of your gold in D&D
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Up to date interactive economic calendar events affecting EURUSD pair.
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A thing to visualise PDB files.
An Intel Map for the MMO EvE Online, it tracks and alerts players to hostile locations.
Spherical terrain editor
Fully functioning LaunchPad controlled by your keyboard.
an itch.io butler wrapper for lazybones like me
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Software for prototyping music
​A surprisingly strong IP stresser.
Dynamic house visualisation with oportunity to add new furniture or change floor/walls
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Building Blocks In VR with Oculus Touch
Raspberry Pi Linux Distribution For Authors
Generate random 2D tilesets for use in Unity, Godot, etc.
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Point and Click, Obviously... A point and click editor !
Just danse and your phone will do the music
Demonstration of TweenToggle Plugin
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Create orcs!
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Simplified Procedural Building Generation
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