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Converts Tiled maps to binary files for use in games on various platforms
Create custom color palettes with ease
Be your virtual self for your viewers on Twitch/Youtube/etc. with SteamVR/Tobii Eyetracking.
DIY Fashion Games Demo
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Bitmap Font Maker Shader based
Windowed Frameless Unity Apps
script to align vertex normals using various algorithms
a very simple climate simulation made in the Unity game engine
2D GPU Particle System Fluid Simulation for Unity.
Third and First person controller for Unity 2018.3.0b12+.
Realistic Flag Shader for Unity
A Unity extension that lets you create and texture models from scratch!
Procedurally generate a 3D card in unity from a simple script
A three week project to create an inventory system.
An easy way to roadmap your Game
Makes voxel based objects out of sprites
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Convert flat horizontal tiling textures to convincing skyboxes with relative ease!
Easily Create AI Enemies for your Horror Game
Unity toolkit for making 2D Topdown Shooters without need for writing single line on code.
Particle Shader & Particle of Distortion Wave made in Unity
the love squid desktop buddy: your virtual pal surfing with you on the high seas of the world wide web
Read Joystick Buttons and Axes
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Project Manager to keep track of multiple projects running on different versions of Unity
Make short stories by writing a few sentences with PSST
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Multi - Platform Database for FREE!
A simple to use rewind system!
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