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Mouse and Keyboard input with a controller
8-bit Fantasy Console
A simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming.
tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games
Run in browser
A racing wheel overlay for OpenBroadcaster
A 2D game engine built on LÖVE
A Scriptable Joystick to Keyboard Mapper for Windows
a 2D Game Development Framework
A lua fantasy computer
Custom Input Manager for the Unity Game Engine
Virtual videogame console
A minimalist vectorial fantasy console
JavaScript powered Virtual Computer
Run in browser
Easily create dynamic visual novel content and sequenced animations with VNgen by XGASOFT
Collect feedback in-game and build your community on STOMT.
First Person Exploration Kit is a complete package to create a First Person Environmental Exploration or Adventure game
A 2D moddable Game Engine
Platfinity, fast & easy game creation!
Spectrum Grid is an audio reactive patch with Spout output and multitouch control GUI.
Purpleprint Kit is a package of resources for game developers using as main platform Unreal Engine 4
Explore 3D automobile models inside a showroom
A vision capability training kit for businesses.
This program is designed to test the button inputs and axis on gamepads.
Bind any gamepad easily for your games or anything.
Shake or press the button to whip it!
Lock the minimum and maximum audio volumes on your Android device.