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tool for build html and native games for TIC computer
Squirt Animated GIFs straight from After Effects!
OpenSource filetransfer software
Software for making nice looking hex maps
Sketch freely in perspective in 2D! Add vanishing points and start sketching!
FBX Multi Take is a 3ds Max plugin utility for adding multiple Takes to an FBX export file.
Second degree polynomial
Play in browser
Do not text while driving! This may help you!
Spritedow Animator is an easy to use standalone sprite animation system for Unity3D.
JSON Fighter importer and exporter
JSON Array Editor formatted for Construct 2
Add Swipe and custom Gesture Control to your Fusion 2.5 games with ease!
An application to test and visualize sprite sheets
Manage and access important information about your pets.
Read joystick buttons and axes
Play in browser
Vertex Lightmapper is a blazingly fast lightmapper for Unity, perfect for lighting retro styled games.
Switch fast between multiple steam accounts in seconds - GamePyro.com
An external command for UnoDOS (or esxDOS) that replicates the PLAY command from 128 BASIC.
Switch fast between multiple origin accounts in seconds - GamePyro.com
Mouse and Keyboard input with a controller
Fix 3D rendering issues with 32-bit transparent PNGs
A must-have tool for ASIO multi-channel audio recording
A tool to help examine animation (pixel and otherwise) in .GIFs. Easily zoom, slow-down, or step through any .GIF file.
​A surprisingly strong IP stresser.
An open source replacement firmware for the ZX Spectrum and clones.
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