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Christmas Terror | a game about Christmas (obviously)

A topic by Nathan Richardson created Dec 02, 2015 Views: 567 Replies: 4
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Update: 1

Hi I am Nathan Richardson and I am making an indie game about Christmas and terrorists. The game may sound serious but it isn't it's going to be full of jokes and comedy. The game will be about a guy (the player) who is given the job to find a bomb which is hidden in a present under a tree. You are given notes written by an idiot to find out what present is a bomb. The game will have a colourful low-poly style. The game will also hopefully be released around Christmas Day and it will be free to play. if you have any questions please ask and I will try to reply

Update: 2

I have made a menu screen where you click on presents and the camera pans around to go to the options menu or the about and controls text. I have made about 6 different Christmas tree assets and 9 different coloured present assets. I do have to make the room that the game is set in and write the notes in the game and make a watch asset. The game is being made in the blender game engine because it's simple and easy to use and I don't know how unity5 works

Update: 3

I have made one of the levels which is set in a shopping centre, there are three different rooms and each one has its own Christmas tree with its own presents. I have also finished the menu screen and the player rig and UI. Most of the assets have been finished as well


Any progress so far? Screenshots? How long has it been in progress?


I have been working on this game for 2 days. I have managed to make a menu screen and a few assets. I will upload screenshots ASAP. Check my Twitter for updates @mrmangomonster


Considering recent events, now might be kind of a bad time for comedic games about terrorists. It sounds like you can take out the terrorist part and still have the same game, so you might want to do that. It's not your fault, but it's still something to consider.


Don't worry the game won't reference terrorists


Alright, fair enough.