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A topic by MikeyBlighe created Sep 28, 2020 Views: 182 Replies: 2
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It's been so wonderful to see this game come from pre-alpha all the way to full release, and it was also wonderful to come back and play the whole game again to see the ending!

Lockheart Indigo is an action-adventure-RPG game where the "battles" are actually interrogations carried out by the (frankly, awesome) protagonist Beatris Summers, a private eye brought in to investigate the murder of one Evan Volkov, a member of the elite Volkov family.

As you progress further into the game, questioning more and more of the other Volkovs, the story begins to take shape and the whole horrible truth comes to light. All of this in the midst of a breakout of killer robots (this all totally makes sense when you play the game, I assure you!).

When the dust settles, you're left with a feeling of satisfaction at having cracked the case and a (mostly) clean conscience.

I love everything about this, no word of a lie. The awesome old school design, the huge range of characters with their own ulterior motives, the puzzles to be solved and the story to be uncovered. It's all fantastic, and well worth playing if you wanna try playing an RPG with a twist!

(Posting my only video recorded using the new version of the game, the end!)


i agree


Thank you so much, MikeyBlighe. Your support has meant a lot & I really appreciate the kind words.