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Loved the game! I need more >:3

I'm so hyped for the demo!!! :D

Thanks, Erin. I appreciate it ^^ <3

Wonderful game! I loved the colorful world & the story was really intriguing. I was very invested in the well-being of the two main characters. I also think the Case Book & the Yokai Book were GREAT additions to the game! ✨

Best chrismoss eva!

More art!!! I love the eyes & the way you drew the nose!

Omg!! I LOVE IT! q(≧▽≦q) Ty so so much!

Hell ya! Thanks for the LP buddy ^^

Im glad you enjoyed the game so much! ^^ I look forward to any fanart you make! Feel free to share it in the comments :D

I agree about the crt. Thank you for playing & I'm glad you enjoyed the game & all its 'features' ;3

Oh you're fine, I don't mind answering. I mostly used ARIA, but I would not recommend it if you are starting out. DSK SF2 is what I would recommend for you ^^ Happy music-making!

DSK SF2 (SoundFont Player), ARIA (Garritan Personal Orchestra 5) (Paid, but worth every penny), and RS5K (Reaper's default sampler plugin)
There's more, but these are the main sounds you're hearing.
Hope this helps! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Eheheh ^^ Ya I think the engine struggles in Firefox. Ill try to patch it soon. Thanks! ^^ I hope I can make another game like this in the near future

I'm glad you enjoyed its repeating nature. I wanted to create the atmosphere that your agency was removed, and that you were marching your way to your own undoing. Its my smallest project yet, but I feel like it still hits the tone I was going for.

Thanks, I've had a few people tell me that actually, so I might be open to it ^^

I think I should have used the word "Coven" instead :/ Hmm, I'll see if I can update it soon.

Thanks! ^^ I like to think so as well. If I ever were to make this concept into a bigger title, I would probably have a larger emphasis on the circular nature of what the covenant is doing.

I'm glad!

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Hmm, Seems to work for me. Try on a different browser. If it still bugs, it might not be an issue with the game itself. I've emailed itch's support to issue you a refund. Sorry for the trouble

Sorry to hear that! Which browser did you open it in? I'll look into the issue.

I played the whole series & the side stories too.  I was moved & am so glad to have experienced it. The themes of persevering through a life of suffering are heartfelt & I personally related to that moment when Hazel was happy to feel boredom for the first time since their traumatic experiences. Thank you for sharing your story <3

I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thanks Hawk! ^^ I'm glad the experience managed to be both disturbing & enjoyable! (✿◡‿◡) 🔪

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Cute game! I love the color palettes you picked. You really have an eye for aesthetics! ^^ Can't wait for the finished story ✨

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Thank you for the playthrough! I really enjoyed how you switched between cracking jokes and reading the narrative segments seriously. 

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Thank you for the playthrough! (Leo had a knife & Joshua managed to make Leo stab himself with it. Sorry for the confusion)

Ill post about it when I have more news!

Thanks! I can't wait :D

I appreciate your comment! It was a pleasure to make! Thank you for testing the beta btw!! ✨

Cool article! Thank you for playing!

Thanks! ^^ I was trying to creating an alienating atmosphere that subtly suggested why the protagonist was so isolated.

I've already used it for a past game (Super Stoner Serenade). I probably will again if I make another small game ^^

Yes, I apologize for the lingering bugs. I coded this game engine myself & I still have a few issues I have yet to fix. I'm glad you enjoyed your experience regardless though!

I'm happy you enjoyed the atmosphere! Lockheart was very restricted by its 8-bit stylization. So, it's nice to break out from that, music-wise!

\^o^/ Thanks! Lately, I'm trying to mesh my pulp influences with more lyrical BL content.


Cool letsplay! Glad you enjoyed the experience! :D