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Very insightful! 👀

Buying the Pocket goods! >:D Keep being awesome!

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Very good boulder sprites

Thanks a ton! Hope to have an update on Limbs soon ;) Enjoy

This really Yee'd my Haw.

There are a few playthroughs on YouTube. 

Cam has a few videos on the game, including one on how to get the "1919 ending".
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There is secret bonus content at the end of the credits if you help The Painter & persuade the bonus character, Gravekeeper Jared Gracey.

To Speak with Jared, gain the Garden key & find the Painter in every room he appears in until he leaves behind a Ribbon. Once you have the Ribbon, head to the graveyard. (Do all of this before speaking with Margaret.)

Thank you so much, MikeyBlighe. Your support has meant a lot & I really appreciate the kind words.

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The Battle System AND the menus are but just a lot of eventing, pictures & some code of my own. (Hence, why it bugs sometimes ;3;) I did use SRD's picture Choices Plugin for the battles. I also usea mod'd version of Yoji Ojima's Monster Book plugin for the Keys & Skill menu.

Hope this helps! :D

Thanks for playing!

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Thank you!

I have a twitter!
Thanks for the purchase!


Thanks for the report

Yo! WolfKingAka!
Glad to see your face! Looking forward to that video, Cheers!

Glad to hear!

Hey there! Thank you for your enthusiasm. To be completely transparent, I did not draw the artworks used in both promotional pieces. I commissioned artists to draw both Beatris & Vika. 

In Beatris' case, the artist also made a background which I reworked into what you see. As for Vika's art piece (1919), I found free to use images online, cut them up in the shape i needed them & recolored/decolored them to give the image a setting. (Each image needs a focal point & so Vika's art piece is the red chip which i mirrored horz. & vert. To make it look like a motif.)

You might want to look into Photoshop's Levels tool for color/light balancing. Its my main tool to create these edits.

Hope this helps! Cheers!

- Harmless

That's perfectly fine! I want people to enjoy the game on their own terms. Besides, it's been nice seeing you interact on twitter ^^ Looking forward to the release! :D

Go to the arc on the left (outside the mansion). Go under it. Press Shift + Left + PgUp & then Space. It should unlock the Debug  menu.
Once its unlocked, open & close the Option menu & u'll be in the debug menu.

There is a chapter select page there. Hope it helps