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Heart of Darkness | Story Based Mythical Action Role-Playing Game

A topic by BiTrunade created Sep 27, 2020 Views: 361 Replies: 2
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Heart of Darkness
Alpha Stage

Heart of Darkness is a role-playing desktop game, currently in early development stages. It tells the story of a notoriously evil mythical creature Minotaur, with aid of his mobs, attacks the land of [the hero] and kidnaps their people. The hero, simply known as the Player, is a self-contained knight who seeks neither help nor trouble for his people, discovers his wife's disappearance, and heads to look for her, with the aid of a longtime wanted robber and amateur criminal, Alexandro.

Upon the discovery of a massacre, the story takes a turning point and the journey changes radically.

The game controls are the classic WASD for movement, and mouse for aiming and attacking.


  • Two players: the Knight, and Alexandro
  • Multiple weapons and Special Effects
  • 7 levels each with 5 checkpoints
  • 8 enemy types
  • 5 bosses (might be 7 in the future)
  • Challenges and puzzles
  • Storyline and dialogue
  • Cutscenes
  • approximately 1-3 hours of gameplay time (calculated from the storyline, I will update it when solid results are made.)
  • many more soon to be listed

Update 0.0.1

  • RPG system
  • Melee attack system
  • Enemies
  • Screen shake and Special Effects
  • other more

Update 0.0.2

  • Exploding Imps
  • Fixed depth issues with player and weapon

The first video of the development series, so far just an RPG system and sound/special effects.

Heart of Darkness is in early development stages, please follow the development on Twitter and GameMaker: Forum, as well as here on

Developed by BiTrunade, made with GameMaker: Studio.

Thank you very much.

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Added teleporting Necromancers into the game! Follow the development on Twitter

Added a Chasing Goblin into the game!

One of the enemies/challenges of the game is the quest to steal an item (e.g. a crystal) from a guard goblin and deliver it to a targeted position. The goblin chases you down until either you deliver it (and he dies) or he takes it from you and runs back.

Obstacles get created when you steal it, you can destroy them but they slow you down. Although you might have destroyed them, they get back created again once the item is returned.