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Indie Project Planning Ideaboard · By SolarLune

Program changes image paths each time it's started

A topic by Soda-N created 75 days ago Views: 100 Replies: 3
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Each time I start the program, the images I have already loaded get their path changed by adding "\Boards\" to the path before the folder where I have it. Example, I have my pictures in the folder "X:\Me\00. Personal\!masterplan-build_script_masterplan-windows\Tarot cards\", but when I want to use the image maj20s.gif in that folder, the path in the program becomes this "X:\Me\00. Personal\!masterplan-build_script_masterplan-windows\Boards\Tarot cards\maj20s.gif"

I should also note that even after I go ahead and delete the \boards\ bit to the path, it may even go ahead and add \boards\ before the other \boards\ it had before. I haven't changed my filepaths, configurations or anything. 

Hello! Sorry for the late reply to your topic - I think this might have been resolved by another user on Github. Can you check to see if it's resolved in the latest build (v0.5.2)?

Hello, sorry for the late reply as well. I just tried with the current build and it keeps happening. Maybe i should mention that i execute the program from an external hard drive, but the letter it has assigned never changes each time I plug it in. I also tried saving and checking the file in the same session, namely without plugging out the drive, and it keeps happening. Tried this in multiple computers too.

Hello! OK, so I've been investigating this, and haven't been able to reproduce it; let me ask a couple of quick questions. 

Does the path change within the program immediately when loading an image, or only when saving and reloading the project?

Can you post the plan file itself for me to peruse?

Where is the plan file relative to the images - are they on the same drive?

Can you reproduce it if you place MasterPlan on a non-external drive and create a new project?