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Hello, sorry for the late reply as well. I just tried with the current build and it keeps happening. Maybe i should mention that i execute the program from an external hard drive, but the letter it has assigned never changes each time I plug it in. I also tried saving and checking the file in the same session, namely without plugging out the drive, and it keeps happening. Tried this in multiple computers too.

Worked like a charm, thank you very much. One last thing tho, when I click in the game in the webpage, I get notifications on the top that say "Push!Pop!" that repeat themselves. Is there a way to disable or hide them? 
Thank you once again.

This project looks amazing. I've been trying to export my game and make it work with itch-io, but I am yet to make it work: I added all the files in the build directory to the file, uploaded that to and ticked it as the file to start the game from. I try running the game, but before it starts, it shows me this error:

Downloading Story...
Error while downloading Story : (status code 403)

What should I do? Thank you once again.

Each time I start the program, the images I have already loaded get their path changed by adding "\Boards\" to the path before the folder where I have it. Example, I have my pictures in the folder "X:\Me\00. Personal\!masterplan-build_script_masterplan-windows\Tarot cards\", but when I want to use the image maj20s.gif in that folder, the path in the program becomes this "X:\Me\00. Personal\!masterplan-build_script_masterplan-windows\Boards\Tarot cards\maj20s.gif"

I should also note that even after I go ahead and delete the \boards\ bit to the path, it may even go ahead and add \boards\ before the other \boards\ it had before. I haven't changed my filepaths, configurations or anything.