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Steamworks.gml example

Sample project for Steam-based networking for GameMaker. · By YellowAfterlife

Stuck at creating a lobby

A topic by clockt0wer created Sep 21, 2020 Views: 332 Replies: 3
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Howdy! When trying to test the steam GML example on my depot and in the editor the application will never pass "Creating a lobby..." 

I've set the APP ID appropriately in the Game Options, and pointed it at the 1.35a SDK (as well as latest, but currently I have 1.35a in the dir) am I missing something here? Has something maybe changed in game maker or steam that will still allow this to compile but fail to establish servers on Steam? 


If your application is marked as free (or was marked as free when you first set it up), matchmaking SDK is disabled by default, and you will have to ask Steam Support to enable it for you

When I created the depot I did not mark it as free, and I haven't done such since - perhaps I should try to contact them anyway to see if matchmaking is for some reason disabled. I'll start going through the project today to see if I can detect where the breakdown occurs for me. Thanks for the lead and the super fast reply YellowAfterlife :)!

I got it working! Two things:
1. I did have to contact steam support to get matchmaking enabled on my app id. My app was not created as free, but matchmaking was still disabled. Maybe this is the new norm for steam, as in 2017 when I created my last app I didn't have to take that step. 

2. I had the SDK installed in D:\Steamworks\sdk but in engine I simply had the path D:\Steamworks set as the SDK root. If anyone else has this problem make sure you're pointed at the folder that has the contents of the SDK in it, not a folder that has a folder that has the contents :P 

Thanks again for your help Yellow, and thanks for the extension - you rule!