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Waiting For Game Review Because Of First Time Submission

A topic by martinmakesgames created Sep 21, 2020 Views: 123 Replies: 5
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I read another topic about long wait times for first time submissions to be reviewed where their games have had help being bumped.

I am also a first time submission and understand that there is a queue before a game will be indexed on the search directory. I have a cover image, my visibility is public and my project is published.

I have read the Getting indexed on Search & Browse page at

I have waited close to a week and I understand that my game needs to be reviewed by someone. Would it be possible to have some similar help to the other people who have had their game bumped?

My game waiting review is:

Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks.


All right, there you go.



Same issue here, actually. Been waiting for a review since Friday. Emailed support last night, still no word from anyone.

Can someone look it over and approve? Would be really appreciated.


Indeed, the weekend delays reviews, and support is busy, so they're unlikely to answer so quickly. I gave your game a bump, too.


I totally hear you. Thank you so much!

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