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ALTITUDE - First step into GODOT

A topic by Luluugah created Sep 17, 2020 Views: 177 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone ! 
I decided to work on ALTITUDE, game cover by Ana & Lorenzo that really struck my eyes. 

I'm 0.1% a programmer and 100% a graphic designer & illustrator, but it do dabble in python so I decided to take the challenge. Storywise, the cartdridge inspired me a lot, so I wrote a bunch of stuff and quickly got a light GDD done. As I make progress on what I want to do, I update it, so its become more of a journal, but I guess its good to have something like that? If you want to get details on what i'm planning, you can read through it.
SO ! I'm planning on doing a veeery simple point & click type of game, with 3 main mechanics. The gameplay is really just clicking on various spots on a biiiig illustration. Like old PC games. I got inspiration from an ooold game called "J'ai trouvé ! Le manoir Hanté " ( english name is "I Spy Spooky Mansion i think ? )

So yeah, todo :

  • Taking a picture : by clicking on specific areas, the player can "take the picture" of a creature. What it really does is just that it add the creatures photo in an inventory
  • Lights : there is a switch that allows the player to turn lights off, there are different creatures during light time and dark time
  • Album : it is possible to review the various pictures already taken by the player. There are a total of 24 creatures in the game. This part is the inventory and I am very afraid of making it, hahaha.

For the moment I've been looking into documentation and tutorials and stuff, and writing and trying out stuff for my assets.

I'm working with a 3 color palette, and I have the general idea for my interface, so its great ???
I also have my s/o doing some OST for me, which truly is a bonus !!! I get to have MUSIC in my game hahaha.

I started a bit late, but I hope I'll manage to finish something on time for this jam. Seeing everyone else's work is really inspiring and giving me somegood motivation o/

Oooo I saw this case and I was very excited to see that you picked it. I'm super interested in how this'll turn out (no rush of course) and the music is super cute too!

Ahhh thanks !
I'm doing my best o/