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Alberta Game Jam community · Created a new topic So close!

We had some compile issues with our game here in YYC which had us miss the deadline by 7 minutes. Here's the game if y'all wanna check it out still:

I'm mostly just curious since I've never seen this done before for a game on itch

I thought I'd have the time to work on a game jam this month but I'm already overbooked with life stuff. I'll probably come back once I've actually released a game before trying to cram it in a jam ^  ^;;

This is really neat! I got stuck trying to get the different parts, and I got lost finding some of the triggers to take me to new areas. However, I liked the detailed art and the depth of the gameplay, there's a lot of stuff to do here! I just can't figure out how to do all of it yet ^ ^;

I think it would've helped to have someone proofread the English you wrote for this, but I ended up understanding what was going on by the end. Nice job!

Definitely my favourite one-button game. Love the minimal sounds and just the whole feel of it.

This is actually really cute, I loved just flying around for fun and bumping into stuff perchance after not listening to directions. I still dunno how you're supposed to advance the questline past the first mission, and I wasn't enjoying the fact that I kept missing the apartment building cause it was just outside of my field of view, but it was an overall sweet experience. Love the 2nd music track.