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Nutty good, just took a little while to figure out what all the controls did. Love this!



been using this nonstop, near perfect even without much customization options. though I would love to disable the way it hides itself on the toolbar when closed, i sometimes end up with multiple copies running at once.

same here

Neat, got to the 2nd room but couldn’t figure my way out

Awesome! Text wrapping in this new version is a godsend. Thanks for everything you do on this tool!

Not bad! Digging for wood planks in the snow was actually pretty interesting. It’s a nicely scoped game with an ending, which is a really good accomplishment for 3D.

I thought the island could use more details or “waypoints” to make the island easier to get around (trees, more buildings) and to reduce the fog so I don’t always have to use the minimap to get around.


Love the heck out of this tool. Any chance for the trees to be included in the .obj export?

I like the concept a lot, really nice environments too!

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This is an incredibly quality gameplay demo. 10x larger than any other GB Studio game demo I’ve seen! I love how vast the game world is, and yet it never felt confusing or assinine to navigate. It gave me the same feeling as LoZ:LttP, but with all the padding cut out. Nicely done! Love the characterization too!

Some feedback: I died a lot on the ice level’s narrow passageways. It looks safer than it really is. If there was one more tile of walkable space either side, or if the art for those tiles was narrower, that’d make it feel fairer.

Afaik there’s no indication as to which boulders are movable in the ice puzzle after defeating the first miniboss with a key door. The one with two floor switches.

Also, there’s a few grammar issues in the opening cutscenes and dialogue. Would recommend getting more people to review the text prior to launch. :>

Short answer (from being in the project for 3 years) probably no. For the same reason that there won’t be a GBA Studio, GB Studio is volunteer-developed and doesn’t have the resources to focus on anything besides the Gameboy. There is a 3.1 update being worked on currently (no release date) and beyond that, there could still be more updates to improve it.

If you want more ways to develop for your Pocket, you have a whole world of Gameboy homebrew tools to choose from, and various ways to patch .gb files. You could also try learning to make homebrew for Atari Lynx, Neo Geo, or Game Gear.

Really interesting idea! I will say, I wasn’t sure how to dodge the enemy bullets since the orange cover didn’t feel like it slowed the bullets down. I had a hard time reading all the text too. I really like the feel of the gameplay and the colourful environments though!

fear is the art killer, love this

Did you make that grass shader for the gardens? I’m really fascinated by it. That’s a really clever use of darkening the grass to simulate the change of facing angle when wind blows through it.

Ooh maybe, isn’t there first-party support for webgl through Electron? If there’s a dev out there who really wants to try and see this happen, they’re welcome to fork and adjust the source code:

Most ports are kinda tricky cause there’s not a lot of developer time that could go towards maintaining a separate version of the engine, so ideally it’s something that can just be built alongside the usual PC/Mac/Linux versions without too many adjustments.

Hi, so I am really loving the new Masterplan having used it for a little while, but I find that zooming and moving things around makes me motion sick. I’m used to turning off smooth animations for motion in most programs where possible. 0.7’s smoothing was really subtle and worked awesome for me, and I’d love to see the option to adjust it in 0.8.

Would you consider an option to disable or reduce zoom smoothing, scroll smoothing, and pan smoothing?

Oh this is exactly what I needed to see, excited for the (hopefully!) 2022 release! Are there any public demos out right now?

Incredible work! I’ve long wanted something just like this!

I’m very pleasantly surprised to see someone take on the task of recreating a visual novel in 3D! Looks stunning!

Unfortunately I know my laptop generally hates unreal games for their higher performance requirements, any kind of post-processing/motion blur brings it to its knees, maybe once I upgrade I’ll have to check this out proper. The download being 3.1 GB also tells me there’ll be a lot to load in. :P But good luck as you continue to work on this!

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Oh wow, this is a crazy amount of mechanics to fit together in one 7 day game jam. I love a lot of this; the atmosphere, the sense of exploration, the game juice, the mixed gravity, the Zelda jumping, but…I wish there was more focus on what to do at one time.

I think the combat and the lantern acting as a timer on your ability to explore was a bit overkill next to the puzzles and platforming, like it changed the tone a bit and made me feel like there was no time to figure things out. Maybe it’d be different if there were some levels leading up to let me explore just a handful of mechanics at a time.

But yeah, I’d really love to see this turned into something stripped down with more focus on what the player does at one time. The exploration element seems key, which makes me happy (as I’ve made a game with a similar goal/atmosphere in mind) but I think this could be the beginning of something reaaally cool :3

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Good news, this now exists! You can download a .pocket file when you download the game.

In general, for anyone reading, I recommend pocket owners get a GB Everdrive or Flash Cart so you don’t need to rely on .pocket exports:

Actually quite fun! Awesome animations, sound design, and gunplay! Though I had to turn the shadows off to run smoothly in web. I also found myself picking off enemies from rooms where they couldn’t reach me.

Are you still using version 3.0.1 or 3.0.0? Try updating to 3.0.2 and see if that fixes it.

There is no malware in GB Studio. Windows Defender gets data from Microsoft to tell it which programs could be malware, and in November 2021 they made it more strict. GBSToolkit (the library necessary to compile ROMs) looked unusual enough to be considered malware, despite being open source, and reliably used to compile every GB Studio 2.0 and 3.0 game until it got flagged.

Anyways, the bug should be fixed now thanks to Chris, who removed and rewrote the entire GBSToolkit library in Rust. As of writing, nobody using 3.0.2 has reported antivirus issues. You’re also free to join the discord if you’re still having issues building your game:

Very cute and very interesting!

I like the little vignettes of characters! Once I understood it was about matching things to characters then things went pretty nicely. I think I still got lost tho 😅 Awesome to see the Godot engine in use, with lots of neat mechanics like physics objects and dialog for all the characters.

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Thank you two a whole bunch for playing it!

For all the people who say they don’t know the characters, there’s honestly so many gaps to fill, I just wrote what made sense to me. I’m glad someone else feels like what I did still felt true to the characters ^ ^

And I really appreciate what your boyfriend said too. This is maybe the most thoughtful and kind thing someone has ever said about any of my games. 💙 He’s also the first of anyone to tell me that someone liked the not-immediately-happy bits of the story. I have seen really flat fluff before, and I share your doubts whenever I’m trying to read new stories. 😅 I’m really glad you picked up on the vibe I wanted to put into the game.

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Glad you like it! Thanks for playing!

OST on Soundcloud:

OST on Bandcamp: if you want a faster download or want to drop a donation 😉

Very in love with the window shader and the sky colours. 💙

Admittedly I’m having a hard time reading with the font choice :s I’m not dyslexic, but I find myself squinting sometimes even with my glasses on :P It’s just a bit uncomfortable to read in. Could you make an option for another simpler font?

In a word, no. This is meant to be an approachable SFW game at heart. But I appreciate the interest 😉

Cute little proof of concept! Maybe going forward we could chat with the Snowman, or watch what they get up to with their brethren.

I used this in my latest game! Thank you so much for this awesome asset pack!

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One final bug for 1.0, Marble Bamboo Shell gets me trapped in this space and I can’t leave 😅 Even warping out and coming back in does like a Move To to get me in this spot when I get close enough :P Going to map and back lets me talk to either NPC very briefly but any attempt to leave pushes me back to this spot. It’s weird.

I also had a hard time finding out that I could transform and where it would be useful, maybe more of a reminder after I get the powerup that there’s stuff up there?

Otherwise I really do love this series and its queer monster universe. :)

Oh, it’s beautiful. Thank you for this.

Oh yes I am ready for this

PSYCHE 3.0 is out now

And now for an inappropriately long, maybe-spoilery comment about this NSFW-text furry VN.

I’ve been thinking about this VN’s story for like a month since I played it. It’s not perfect, but I really like it. It’s an unexpectedly thoughtful critique at how we learn about other identities and cultures through something as performative as porn, but instead of being an ugly mirror of the real world, it actually presents some original issues by talking about furry evolution and history. It feels grounded in something sensible. It’s not just an exhausting rehash of the social issues that my friends and I have to deal with. This VN actally tries to present and break-down sexual stereotypes that this furry world faces, as the guys ask questions and think about how those stereotypes came to be.

They end up realizing some of the half-truths they’ve been told through the porn industry. Then it’s cleared up as they talk from their own experience and give their personal understanding of their own species. (And then the cat guy shows off his dick as proof.) It’s kind of beautiful? It’s an awesome way to demonstrate the deconstruction of stereotypes, where people just kinda listen to people unlike themselves and they learn something. It’s like, furry porn social justice. Can I say that to someone not in my friend circle and have it be taken as a compliment?

I really appreciate that this VN asks more questions to set species as something apart from something we could quickly identify in the real world. None of the stereotypes or issues presented have obvious “answers”. It suggests that we’d have this problem with any identifier if there was a distinct difference between the media we see, and the experiences of those people in real life. Different species still deal with stereotypes that come from porn, or even just from outsiders coming into big cities, but some of these stereotypes are apparently decent appraisals, so between these guys some of them are alright and don’t affect them negatively. But all of these stereotypes are based on sex or bodies, and the way the questions are phrased gives me the impression that these aren’t topics often talked about in public.

Breaking down these stereotypes is not something you could “solve” in a day because so many specifics would be involved. We only have the perspective of these two guys, but they tell us so much. You just have to sit and think about how what they talk about affects other furries like themselves as something ongoing. And that’s kind of awesome for some random furry VN on the internet to make me feel.

Thanks for playing it! Someday I’ll come back to this gameplay style. This still feels really different compared to the likes of SSX Tricky, but someday I’ll give extreme sports handling another shot.