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Oh heck yeah, thanks for the extra time. I'm pushing myself a bit (heathily, positively, don't worry about it) to get my game finalized and packaged up before tomorrow...but now it looks like I have extra time to do a bit of polish at a more leisurely pace! I appreciate this extension greatly ^  ^

Oooo I saw this case and I was very excited to see that you picked it. I'm super interested in how this'll turn out (no rush of course) and the music is super cute too!

Making games without coding is what GB Studio is designed for, actually. c: There's even beginner Youtube tutorials to help guide you through the process.

Thank you so much for posting the source files to this game! I saw the rail grinding mechanic from your Youtube devlog and I wanted to see how someone else tackled this in Godot. Super informative.

The game looks amazing, but it doesn't run great on my laptop from 3 years ago which uses an integrated graphics processor from intel. I understand that my school laptop is not ideal for 3D games ^  ^; but having more options to turn off some of the background detail, anti-aliasing, or even just picking a smaller resolution would be great.

Oh hell yeah this game is excellent, gave me a few good laughs, this one is right up my alley. Thanks for finding a place for some of the GB Studio Community Asset songs too! (including some of my embarrassing first-ever tracks ^  ^; these were the rooftop theme and the grimy bachelor's room)

Pretty cool!

Wow! There's a lot of freakin tech goin on in this. Spindashing makes you go faster like in Crash?

Will say it's super misleading to not tell us there's an attack button while that first enemy is there, and that you can't jump on enemies, but this is pretty damn good for a first game.

Love me some glitchy sound effects, thanks so much for providing these! 

I will happily credit you if I use these. Some feedback I have is that I find it super useful when asset creators include the license they want to distribute their assets with in the asset folder itself so I don't have to go back to remember. ^  ^;

Ohhhh I've waited a long time for an addon like this, I'll actually try this in my old 2.7 install to give it a go

Alberta Game Jam community · Created a new topic So close!

We had some compile issues with our game here in YYC which had us miss the deadline by 7 minutes. Here's the game if y'all wanna check it out still:

I thought I'd have the time to work on a game jam this month but I'm already overbooked with life stuff. I'll probably come back once I've actually released a game before trying to cram it in a jam ^  ^;;

This is really neat! I got stuck trying to get the different parts, and I got lost finding some of the triggers to take me to new areas. However, I liked the detailed art and the depth of the gameplay, there's a lot of stuff to do here! I just can't figure out how to do all of it yet ^ ^;

I think it would've helped to have someone proofread the English you wrote for this, but I ended up understanding what was going on by the end. Nice job!

Definitely my favourite one-button game. Love the minimal sounds and just the whole feel of it.

This is actually really cute, I loved just flying around for fun and bumping into stuff perchance after not listening to directions. I still dunno how you're supposed to advance the questline past the first mission, and I wasn't enjoying the fact that I kept missing the apartment building cause it was just outside of my field of view, but it was an overall sweet experience. Love the 2nd music track.