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Got this game in the BLM bundle and dude I only played for like 15 min and fell in love this is amazing. 
I love love love the graphics options they're.... very good. Thank you so much for this game, can't wait to finish it thats it thats my critique

absolutely lovely .... incredible visuals ... love it

Ahhh thanks !
I'm doing my best o/

Man !! I love the look of your game so far, your analysis on light and shadow is very interesting. I hope you'll achieve what you're looking for (you seem to be on the good track )

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Hello everyone ! 
I decided to work on ALTITUDE, game cover by Ana & Lorenzo that really struck my eyes. 

I'm 0.1% a programmer and 100% a graphic designer & illustrator, but it do dabble in python so I decided to take the challenge. Storywise, the cartdridge inspired me a lot, so I wrote a bunch of stuff and quickly got a light GDD done. As I make progress on what I want to do, I update it, so its become more of a journal, but I guess its good to have something like that? If you want to get details on what i'm planning, you can read through it.
SO ! I'm planning on doing a veeery simple point & click type of game, with 3 main mechanics. The gameplay is really just clicking on various spots on a biiiig illustration. Like old PC games. I got inspiration from an ooold game called "J'ai trouvé ! Le manoir Hanté " ( english name is "I Spy Spooky Mansion i think ? )

So yeah, todo :

  • Taking a picture : by clicking on specific areas, the player can "take the picture" of a creature. What it really does is just that it add the creatures photo in an inventory
  • Lights : there is a switch that allows the player to turn lights off, there are different creatures during light time and dark time
  • Album : it is possible to review the various pictures already taken by the player. There are a total of 24 creatures in the game. This part is the inventory and I am very afraid of making it, hahaha.

For the moment I've been looking into documentation and tutorials and stuff, and writing and trying out stuff for my assets.

I'm working with a 3 color palette, and I have the general idea for my interface, so its great ???
I also have my s/o doing some OST for me, which truly is a bonus !!! I get to have MUSIC in my game hahaha.

I started a bit late, but I hope I'll manage to finish something on time for this jam. Seeing everyone else's work is really inspiring and giving me somegood motivation o/

Its a superb collection.
So personnal yet resonating with me on so many points !

"while their torturer lives in ignorance.
oblivious to the consequences.
like it’s just the leaves in the air.
they let it pass on by"

Some lines really hit me !!!
The layout is super cool !

It is a wonderful collection of stories, it warmed my heart reading these. I loved it ! Thank you for sharing, and congrats on the 2yrs !!!!

Just read through it and !!! 
It's really resonating with some of my personnal experiences !!!
I love the way you give your story. It is very striking ...?

"At the thought of finally being fixed." really got me ----

You can def give out my twitter @ Luluugargh , I'll be able to work with maybe 2-3 person, but it'd be fun to collab I think ?
Thank you so much for your answers !!! 

Hi ! I'm a motion graphics designer + illustrator. I dabble in poetry and usually illustrate my texts ! I have a few questions :

  •  Is it okay to add pictures / drawings to my chapbook ? 
  • Follow up : if its okay, i'd love to collab with other peeps and illustrate some of their poetry. 
  • Does it have to be all english ? I'm french and usually try to translate my stuff in FR + ENG ! 

Unrelated, thank you so much for organizing all of this, I'm so glad I found out abt this jam and I can't wait to see what comes out of it !